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Hey My Tan Lines Bikini Babes!

I am SO excited about a few of the things I have been working on recently, and I can’t wait for you all to be a a part of it and see what I have been working on!

I know a few of you may have heard about my new series, Behind the Brand, and I’m sure some of you might have a similar question running throughout your head!

What IS 'Behind the Brand'?

Behind the Brand is seriously my pride and joy. This is something I thought up about a year ago when my blog and small businesses became the center of my attention.

I wanted to come up with a series to show you guys what truly goes on behind the scenes of a brand. I wanted to show the hands that make the suits, show who’s designing them, the process that goes into that, and where the designer pulls the inspiration from.

Beyond showing how the brand works, I want to have a discussion for you guys to hear. I want to talk about the negative affects to fast fashion, and what these companies that I work with, large and small, are doing to stay sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical.

It costs money to run a swimwear business, but it costs even more to do things right.

It is so sad to me how some girls would rather spend less money on a cheap bikini on Zaful than save to buy something this actually WORTH their money.

When you support companies like, Zaful, Romwe, or Cupshe you’re playing a role that is so much more that buying a bikini.

You are supporting fast fashion. AKA, you’re supporting child laborers, you’re supporting abuse, some of the most terrible working conditions, you’re supporting people of all ages being forced to work ridiculously long hours for the even more ridiculous amount of pay that they receive.

Fast Fashion is a whole other HUGE topic that we can fully discuss another day, so if you guys would like to hear more on it, DM me or comment below requesting it!


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Anyways, the swimwear industry plays only a small impact on the much bigger problem that fast fashion is and what it does to not only people but then environment as well.

In all honesty, I get it the IDEA of being able to buy 4-5 suits for $100 sounds a lot better than only buying 1 bikini for $100, but it is just that, and IDEA.

Those cheap $20 suits are honestly crap, why else would they cost only $20? A person got extremely underpaid to make it to begin with, the make of these suits are so cheap, (I swear every time I touch a bikini like that my skin crawls from how gross the fabric feels.) and the suits are just cheaply and poorly made as a whole!

Another thing to consider, a swim company is going to need to mark up their bikini from the price that it cost to make it. I bet you one of the suits you’re buying cost around $5 to MAYBE $10 to make, so I guess congratulations on your new $5 bikini. - NOT

I remember a few years ago, my friends would buy suits from these cheap companies, and they would get around 3 wears out of the suit before the seams would start ripping, bottoms would get super loose and baggy, the straps on tops would break off, and it always blew my mind how much of a waste of money it actually was.

Now, I get asked all the time, questions like “Easy for you to say, you get free bikinis like every day, what would you be doing if you had to actually buy them?”

Honestly, I knew the importance in nice bikinis, I lived in the ocean growing up, I was always at the beach running around, and swimming. When I began surfing as a child I learned even more so how important it was to have a nice bikini that would actually stay on.

Living this lifestyle I always wanted nice bikinis, and they were my goal. I strived for the Billabong, Ripcurl, and Roxy bikinis!

Already be thinking of the next summer, I would literally ask for bikinis every Christmas. I if I saw a bikini i rally wanted I would literally ask both of my parents give me money so I could buy just one bikini top. Even better, I would S A V E up to buy swimwear! It seems like such hard concept for some people, but if you really want it, you’ll make sure you can get it!

I remember the first luxury bikini I ever bought was a Blue Life bikini, I was like 17. It was a like $120 bikini set, and I loved the way it looked. I literally saved up for it, went on the website to buy it and by the time I had the money to buy it, it was on sale. It was so worth the wait for me, and when I got that bikini in the mail I was so blown away with the quality of the make, the way it fit, and the unreal softness of the fabric, I had never owned a suit so nice!

That Blue Life bikini is actually what sparked my interest to be a bikini blogger \ bikini “model” and share the wonders of quality bikinis with people!

So yes, today I get amazing quality bikinis for free in the mail, but back when I was buying bikinis I was literally saving to get quality suits, and obsessing over designers, and falling for the magical bikinis that small businesses were making.

I know it’s easier said than done, but saving up for a nice suit is so worth your money and guess what? Not all quality bikinis cost over $100. I’ll be putting together a blog post for all of you guys with my fave $100 bikini brands! STAY TUNED!

When you support a small business or one that is ethically made, you might pay a little more, but think about it. You’re getting yourself a bikini that will LAST years to come, you’re supporting a fellow boss babe and helping her chase her dream, you’re buying a suit that is usually seamless, reversible, and can be mixed and matched. You’re buying a suit that was designed and made to fit you perfect and hug you in all the right places.

So yes, Behind the Brand is here and I couldn’t be more excited to share something with you guys. I feel like we can start a movement and I am so ready to share all of these AMAZING brands with you!

Behind the Brand is going to be a YouTube X Tan Lines Bikini Blog duo, so for each company you guys will get a video version and a blog post version, yay!

My goal with this series is to travel to these companies and show you guys what your favorite brands are all about! I’m so happy this has been brought to life, and get ready babes!


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If you’re a company and would like to participate in a “Behind the Brand” project, please email me at mellythegysea@gmail.com with the subject “Behind the Brand.” Cant wait to chat with you!

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