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Skatie Swim

Skatie Swim

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Hey my Tan Lines Bikini Babes!

Today is the official launch of my new series Behind the Brand!

If you’re unaware of what Behind the Brand is, click HERE to read my back story on it and why I created this new Youtube and blog series!

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Behind the Brand Introduction

Read this Blog post to learn why I started Behind the Brand!

Anyways, Skatie Swim (aka @skatie_offical) is a swim company that I fell in love with quite some time ago, every collection produced by Skatie Swim is so captivating, I love all of the unique prints, amazing styles, and their cool Cali vibe!

Skatie Swim turned out to be SO much more than I had originally expected, I’m so excited to share all about them with you guys today, so let’s get right on into it!

Skatie Swim X Tan Lines Bikini Blog

Behind the Brand


About the brand

Other than having literally perfect swimwear, Skatie Swim has sustainability as the foundation of it’s business. Other HUGE qualities of the business that stand out to me was that everything is ethically and locally made here in Southern California! In fact, in the Behind the Brand, Youtube video, I got to meet the women who make the suits, and you guys are going to get to meet them too!

. Locally . Ethically . Sustainably Made . Eco - Friendly .

You guys know I love nothing more than a locally made, ethically made, eco-friendly or sustainably made swimwear company, and when I can find one that checks off all four of these qualities, AND the suits are so super cute, I mean, I’m obsessed!

Locally made -

All of Skaties suits are hand-made locally in Los Angeles County and designed in her home of Venice Beach!

I love that this brand was dreamt up, where it’s literally being created and continuing to thrive! There is something so special about the vibe of this brand, and that the suits are made in the heart of the California vibe!

Ethically Made -

As you now know, all of Skatie’s suits are hand made locally in LA, but they’re also

E T H I C A L L Y made! - Something that is so so special to me!

I got to meet the two sweet women who make all fo the beautiful Skatie Swimwear Pieces, they’re truly the heart of this swimwear company. Want to know what is even better? No, they don’t work in a factory in LA, they work from their home! In fact, they used to work in a garment factory in LA, but they left as they wanted to work from home to be close to their family. Shortly after they began working from home, Skatie came along and they decided to work together on production!

Today, Skatie has grown into a beautiful strong brand, and the women who make her suits are so seriously talented and put SO. MUCH. CARE. into every step on Skatie’s swimwear making process!

There is such negative side to the swimwear making industry (fast fashion) and some people working in the industry don’t make minimum wage, they don’t get treated fairly, and it’s really not a good environment. So it was so refreshing and empowering to see these two boss babes working from home, supporting their family, and building a strong client list, while working outside of a factory!


Sustainably Made -

When Skatie first started this business, she would buy what you call surplus fabric from other, larger swim companies!

Surplus fabric is the left over rolls fabric that larger companies have left overs of, or decide they can no longer use in their collection. Most companies throw this mass of fabric into the trash, which is so bad for our planet, this mass of fabric them goes into landfills and goes completely to waste. It’s truly so sad that something that was make to make hundreds of bikinis is just thrown to the trash after deciding they no longer want to use it. Why do companies do this? Well, they usually do this because they DON’T want to resell to other companies, as they want to avoid other companies using their prints or fabrics even though they never actually used it. That fabric that was made not only polluted the air during the making process, but it then became another mass of waste on our planet.

So Skatie set out to make relationships with larger companies who also cared about the environment and our impact on it. They made agreements that if she could use it in her collection, and if they no longer wanted it, that she could buy their surplus fabric to use in her collection(s). This is so genius and I love that companies in the same industry are working together to have a positive impact on the planet.

Skatie also sources her fabric from dead-stock fabric suppliers, as well as vintage fabric shops in trying to avoid as much fabric-making pollution as possible. As her business began to grow, and as she became in need of more and more fabric for her collection she realized that she would need to start making her own prints and fabrics, but she still wanted to do so as sustainably as possible.

So, she now buys what she can of the dead-stock and surplus fabrics, but she also works with an eco-friendly fabric making company that uses old fishing nets from the ocean and other recycled materials to make her fabric!

I absolutely love Skatie’s mission and how much they care to have as little of a negative footprint on the planet as possible!



Here is Skatie Swims’ Sizing Guide, but as for sizing; all of Skatie’s tops go from XS through XL, and the bottoms and one pieces go from XS though Large.

I really love how as a smaller, but growing company they’re pushing to involve sizing for all body types!


One pieces are $100

Tops are $50

Bottoms are $50

You guys, it is honestly insane to me how you guys are able to buy these suits at these prices like it is SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!

Running a sustainably, eco-friendly, ethical, and locally made company is not cheap, and I know Skatie does whatever she can to deliver the best of everything. From quality, to fit, to fabric, to pricing, her goal, is to make you guys stoked!

I mean c’mon, some of these suits are fully reversible to a completely different print on the other side, and some of the tops in her collections can be worn 3 different ways! I don’t think it gets much better than that and you’re definitely getting your moneys’ worth out of these bikinis from the moment you buy them!

Some companies sell suits for $200 a set and its the most basic, cheap looking bikini, it’s sad.

Skatie Swim is over here providing quality suits, stunning prints, amazing quality fabric, beautiful and extremely thought out designs that are literally only $100! On top of that, need I remind you, they’re ECO-FRIENDLY, ETHICALLY, SUSTAINABLY, & LOCALLY made! Like, WHAT!

I know you guys are going to want to see and learn more about the Behind the Brand of Skatie Swimwear, so head over this the below video to watch Part 1 of the FIRST ever episode!

In the mean time, thank you SO much for stopping by and reading todays blog post, I really hope you enjoyed and I am so excited to hear all of your feed back on the new series!

I hope you all have a beautiful day, my Tan Lines Bikini Babes!

Xx Melly the Gypsea