Hey Tan Lines Bikini Babes!

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Midori Bikinis Review || Island Honey Collection

Midori Bikinis Review || Island Honey Collection

Hey my Tan Lines Bikini Babes!

So this blog post was supposed to be up like 3 weeks ago, but I’m so excited to share it with you guys now!

As many of you I'm sure know, I am a HUGE fan of Midori Bikinis, I began working with them last year and they are seriously the best team of people with the best bikinis!

Midori Bikinis has recently launched their newest collection "Island Honey." This collection is filled with gorgeous colors, some bold and bright, others soft and more neutral. I'm seriously SO in love  with every style and print that has been released from this collection so far, and that says a lot! When it comes to bikinis that I want to wear on a daily basis, I need something flattering, cheeky bottoms (the smaller the better), and a simple top that looks amazing but doesn't leave to crazy of tan lines. (We all know I'm all about the tan lines, but lets keep them minimal.) & guess what, EVERY SINGLE ONE of these bikinis offers me what I love most about bikinis!

One of my ABSOLUTE favorite parts about this collection is how well all of the patterns and styles mix and match! I have never mix-matched actual bikini prints before, but I have been doing it so often with all of the pieces I have from this collection! They all look so amazing together and you can get a feel for all the color ways & patterns in the image below!



Bikini Specifics

Kai Bottoms (My Go-to)

The Kai bottoms are the smallest of the bottoms. They have a scrunch up the butt and thin (but not too thin) minimalistic sides! These are the perfect bottoms for all day bikini wearing activities!  I personally love them for tanning and generally every-day wear. I tan SUPER fast naturally so I need a nice bottom that fits perfect and leaves the perfect tan lines, the Kai bottoms does all that and beyond for me!

Emmie Bottoms (Seriously SO Cute)

The Emmie bottoms are perfect for all activities too! I personally would wear these on days that I know I'm going to be swimming in the ocean or pool more than I'm going to be laying out under the sun. Just due to the fact that I tan super fast, BUT these bottoms are literally perfect for everything! They have 3 side straps, the middle strap is braided and these bottoms are seamless (as are the Kai Bottoms and all other bottoms by Midori). The Emmie bottoms have a bit more coverage than the Kai Bottoms but not by a lot, you'll still have the perfect amount of booty showing!

Hana Top (One of my FAVES)

I honestly don't think I'll ever come to a decision on whether the Hana or Joie Top(next) is my favorite, they're both oh so good!

The Hana Top is a seamless top that you sort of put on like a jacket and tie in the front! I love that it's SO CUTE and has a little extra to it with the bow in the front. Yet you can still tan in it and get perfect, not too crazy tan lines!

The Hana top comes with padding in it but in my XXS Hana Top I took the padding out of it because it fits so perfectly.  In my XS Hana Top I left the padding in it because it's doesn't bother me and still allows the perfect fit for my chest!

Joie Top (My other SERIOUS fave!)

The Joie top is a fixed "triangle" top, but it's not actually a triangle! It has a rounded portion to the inside of the "triangle" which makes it fit beyond AMAZING!

This top is literally one of my faves because of the simple minimalistic design to it. I love the way it looks in the back, with the straight down straps and golden metal clasp. 

You can tell just by looking at this top that it was made to fit busts of all sizes and IT DOES, its so comfortable & feels so good on!


The Mia top is SO COMFORTABLE & ALL of Midori's tops are so comfortable but when you put on this top you can just tell that its made to hug your body! I feel like anyone could be as active as they want in this top and wouldn't need to worry about a nip-slip! 

The Mia top has non-removable padding and the straps criss-cross in the back. The back ties into a bow and the end of the straps have the cutest little tassels. I would totally recommend this top for surfer and active babes of all kinds, but of course this top is still perfect for all you beach day and tanning needs!


Midori's sizing has changed, they cater to sizes XXS-XL. 

From past collections I had worn a size XS for tops and bottoms, but now, due to the sizing changes, I wear a size XXS in the tops and bottoms.

I believe my Mango - Hana Top is in a size XS rather than the XXS but it still fits great too!

The fabric is SO nice and feels like a second skin on, and because of this I can easily wear both sizes XXS and XS, and possibly even get away with a size small! Obviously the XXS fits the best and most comfortably but its nice knowing that I'm not limited to only XXS.

Print Combinations

Like I said, one of my absolute favorite parts of this collection is the versatility of the pattern combinations! I normally would never dare mix & match two different printed bikinis, but I ABSOLUTELY love switching it up and doing so with these pieces!

Some of my favorite color/print combinations and print/print combinations are, 


Mango X Bonzai

Mango X Frond

Mango X Ilima 

Mango X Pebble


Bonzai X Ilima 

Pebble X Ilima

Pebble X Frond

As you have read through, you might have noticed that all of the pieces match really well together! There are a few color ways/patterns I don't have but they go just as nicely with the rest of the collection!

Joie Top // Pebble  Kai Bottoms // Ilima

Joie Top // Pebble

Kai Bottoms // Ilima

Joie Top //  Pebble  Kai Bottoms // Ilima

Joie Top //  Pebble

Kai Bottoms // Ilima

Overall this collection is so amazing and I can't wait to see all of the Island Honey pieces that they come out with next! Midori Bikinis never disappoints! 

I am so happy I was able to share my opinions on this new collection with you guys and I hope you enjoyed! If you'd like to read another Midori "Island Honey Collection Review", CLICK HERE. My best friend, and newest Midori Ambassador, Annalisa has written her review and you need to check it out!


Joie Top // Pebble - Emmie Bottoms // Frond

Joie Top // Pebble - Emmie Bottoms // Frond

Mia Top - Emmie Bottoms in Bonzai

Mia Top - Emmie Bottoms in Bonzai

Hana Top // Mango - Emmie Bottoms // Frond

Hana Top // Mango - Emmie Bottoms // Frond

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