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Reasons to STOP Buying Cheap, Wholesale Bikinis

Reasons to STOP Buying Cheap, Wholesale Bikinis

This is a topic that has been brought to my attention multiple times throughout the last couple of weeks, and I touched base with this subject in my first post on this page, but there is much more that needs to be said. So I just NEEDED to put all of my thoughts into one place and also want to share them all with you guys!

In the past (and yes, recent past) I worked with companies who buy and sell wholesale bikinis on their own site. 

Some of you might ask, What is  a 'wholesale' bikini? A wholesale bikini is one that is typically made in China, and not in the best ways. They are usually very cheaply made, with low quality fabric and other low quality materials. They are also completely unoriginal, by copying and falsely "replicating" bikinis that are thoughtfully designed and made by amazing high end bikini labels. Not only are these bikinis directly copied from an ORIGINAL brand, but the people designing the replica pieces don't even know anything about the bikinis they are replicating, they literally can't even get the designs right at all, like to the point where you get this really awkward bikini that you don't even know how to put on because it was so oddly made.  

Those qualities to these bikinis are completely wrong, but that isn't even the worst part.  

Some factories where these replica bikinis are produced in what you call a "sweatshop." These sweatshops consist of many terrible truths that many people aren't aware of. Sweat shops can have very poor working conditions, the possibility of child labor, and a place where the "employees" make very little, to no pay. 

There is a HUGE reason why nice bikinis cost more, you really are paying for the quality of the product! They have better quality fabrics, that can be ethically made, and organic or recycled materials! These quality companies, if they are a smaller company, are usually even handmade by the creator, owners, and designers of the company (which is usually one and the same person!)

There is a nasty price you pay when buying a cheap bikini, you get crappy quality, the suit may start falling apart within weeks of wearing it, and you are supporting a terrible business in places where the people have no other choice.  

This goes to say, not ALL whole sale bikinis are made this way and Im sure there are some small whole sale companies who make better quality product without the abuse involved! Just keep in mind that you will NEVER find a quality bikini if you're paying under $15 for it, (unless of course a company is having a sale)

Sorry that I had made some obvious points, but I do that only because I know that this can be a touchy subject (especially for companies who may be reading and do sell replica pieces), and I'm totally aware that people are going to pick apart every word I said in this post.  

I just really wanted to share my thoughts on this because theres so much that I didn't  know coming into this industry and now that I do know it, I want all of you to be aware too! There are so many girls who aren't involved in the industry, the way I am, who are buying bikinis and I would just like you to know, you aren't getting a "good deal," with those bikinis, not at all! Plus, wouldn't it feel better buying a bikini from a small bikini business or a larger label/brand when you know you're supporting someones dreams, hard work, dedication, and ORIGINAL ideas!? Lets all band together and help put and end to unoriginality, and the stealing of creativity, it's ok to be inspired by others work, but don't support people who steal others hard work and ideas!

If you guys want a list of companies to stay away from, If you'd like yo know what kind go bikinis or what the styles look like that are falsely made, or if you simply want to learn more about this topic, DM me and lets talk about it!

I would also love to send any one interested a list of companies that I 100% stand by and recommend, Big and smaller companies!

My personal Instagram is @_gypseaa. You can feel free to contact me on there or send me and email! 

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