Hey Tan Lines Bikini Babes!

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Affordable/Quality Bikinis for Summer 2017!

Affordable/Quality Bikinis for Summer 2017!

Hey my Tan Lines Bikini Babes!
I asked you guys for blog post requests and I got many requests to share the best quality yet inexpensive bikini brands out this summer! You asked, and I'm delivering. I'm actually really happy so many of you wanted to have me write this blog post because I was thinking about writing it a few months ago but wasn't sure how you'd all like it!

For starters, we all know how pricey swimwear can get and I know many people can't justify spending a hundred to a couple hundred dollars on "two small pieces of fabric" but, let me tell you, QUALITY comes with a price, not always but majority of the time. When you buy an expensive bikini think of it as an investment, you'll be abel to wear this bikini for years! Keep in mind, on average, you're looking at will be around $70-$90 USD for a quality bikini and its completely worth it!

I know you guys may have heard of companies like Zaful, or Ebay selling cheap bikinis, but these bikinis are under $20 for a reason, they don't last, are cheaply made, and they STEAL designs from established, creative and unique companies. HIGHLY unrecommended. To read more on why NOT to buy Z(awful) bikinis, click HERE to read my blog post on it! Just think, it's much better to spend your $80 on one really nice quality bikini that will last all summer with no problem, verses spending that on 3-4 cheap bikinis that will start falling apart shortly after you begin regularly wearing them.

I know not everyone has the money to splurge on a super pricey bikini, so yes, Im sharing the best priced & best quality brands with you starting... now! 

Black Bough Swimwear

I am starting off with Black Bough because they're prices were the lowest and I know many of you probably already know of them!  For these bikinis you are looking at around $60-$65 USD a set or $30-$35 USD a piece. What is also really nice about this company is that they do sell in sets do that does help in saving you some money, but also, they sell separates so you can mix and match any of their pieces to create a unique look! Since this is a company I have worked with and  worn many styles from, I'd recommend the Amalfi Set, the Malibu Set, or the Scarlet Top and  Bottoms. Each of these styles come in different colors and although all of the Back Bough styles are cute, I recommend these pieces most because of the feel of the fabric!

 Sundia Swimwear 

Sundia Swim is a bikini company that I have worked closely with in this last year so I can 100% say that I stand by this company. All of the bikinis are hand made and most of them are reversible, so that means you are putting your money towards a 2-in-1 bikini and supporting a small business! These bikini sets vary in price from $66 to $85 but most are around $70 and I also highly recommend any bikini from this company! The quality and pricing is pure perfection. Also, can we just talk about how stunning the new Summer 2017 Collection is?!

Lotus Swimwear

Yet again, another company I've worked with and 100% love, (Clearly I didn't want to write a long blog post featuring suggested bikini companies with a ton of companies I don't really know about, so yes, majority of these companies, I have an honest opinion about) Anyways, for Lotus you are looking at around $45 for the top and bottom, so around $90 for a set & her one pieces are still under $100. The quality of these suits is amazing and they feel like a second skin on!

Midori Bikinis

Midori Bikinis, one of my absolute favorites and a brand that I 100% recommend! Although the prices may seem a bit more "expensive" it is seriously so worth it. They run around $54-$62 USD so they come out to just over $100. I have many friends who have had their Midori Bikinis for YEARS and they're still in wearable condition. The quality of the fabric is so nice that years later it will still hold to your body! Keep in mind that for this quality, Midori is probably one of the best and most reasonably price brands out there! Plus, wouldn't it be better to put your money to a really nice, quality suit that will last you for years to come? I think so! 

Ama Bikinis

Ama Bikinis is a company that I have never worked with before but have heard good things about. You're looking at $39 bottoms and $45 tops! A really nice feature about Ama bikinis is you can also buy separately so that means you can mix and match anything! I'd recommend checking them out for good quality, really cute prints, and affordable pieces!

& lastly,

Forever 21

I was really hesitant on sharing this company in this blog post just due to the not-so ethically savvy aspect of Forever 21. Obviously they're a huge Nationwide company and not exactly in any way "small business" or "local" that of which are companies I typically recommend supporting. BUT. I must say they do have some pretty decent quality bikini sets and one pieces for literally under $40. I was pretty shocked when I got a couple bikinis from them years ago when I noticed how nicely they were actually made. SO yes, I do recommend as far as price range and the quality to match, but I still don't think they're the best company to support, thats why they're last on the list of my suggestions! 


I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and that you're able to find yourself some cute new kinis this summer from my suggestions! I'd love to write more and all recommended blog posts from you guys so feel free to contact me with and suggestions!

XX- Melly// TLBB

Are you buying cheap swimwear? How to know.

Are you buying cheap swimwear? How to know.

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