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Are you buying cheap swimwear? How to know.

Are you buying cheap swimwear? How to know.

I have had quite the issue with seeing girls getting ripped off left and right with cheap swimwear.
Typically this happens with companies who buy cheap, wholesale bikinis from larger websites (like Zaful or Ebay) and then mark up the retail price to their desire.

My real issue starts with the larger companies actions. I did a blog post on Why To Stop Buying Cheap, Wholesale Bikinis and you can find more of my thoughts there. Basically, in my opinion, These larger companies sell bikinis that are not only of extreme cheap quality, (for the most part) but they are also made unethically in terrible Sweatshops and they are complete rip-offs from designer brands. Brands that have designers who use their own unique and creative abilities to design entire collections of fresh, new looks for the swimwear world. 

To be quite honest, the initial cost that the larger company sells the wholesale bikinis for is not even worth it. Why spend $11-$20 on a swimsuit that won't even last? It will just result in you needing to repurchase another cheap bikini (cause you think you're saving money.) But cheap bikini, after cheap bikini and $100 later you may as well have just went ahead and bought a bikini of quality from a local company, or saved for your true dream kini!

Wholesale Bikini Selling Shop Red Flags!

I want you guys to know what look for in company's Instagram's so you shop smart. Instagram is THE biggest social platform for swimwear advertising and it is what really brings in customers. It is so easy to be fooled by a company and I just want you guys to be made aware of where not to shop and how to know.

Tip #1 - If you notice a company has many pictures with similar backgrounds, they are usually buying their bikinis from a cheap, wholesaler. Once buying from the cheap wholesaler these smaller retailers usually just use the imagery from the larger site as their own advertisement. (Which I happen to find hilarious because the larger company gets ripped off buy their own consumers who steals their imagery and upsells their "original" product.)

Below I've shared screenshots from these sites, as I am sure you can see, all of these images have a similar background and photo style. You can clearly tell these images were taken in mass shoot at a studio and there isn't really any creative aspects to the photos like there would be if created by a specific company showcasing their whole line with a specific look.

Tip #2 - You might notice that these companies have many different bikini styles that don't necessarily match. When a company comes out with a new collection they usually choose all of the fabric in a way where all of the styles have a similar color scheme.

These cheap retailer companies may try to allow it to look like they are dropping a "collection" by choosing swimwear that goes nicely together. That is where you can go back to the photo flatlays to realize that the photos were taken off of a larger site.

Tip #3 - These companies may even use photos directly from the ORIGINAL designers. Meaning, they sell the knock-off bikini on their site, but use the original designers and brands photos as content for advertising.

How to get your dream kini.

Now, look, I get it. Bikinis get expensive, and the new, hot bikini trends are usually ones created by the designer brands, but there are SO many alternatives. 

Save! Honestly most bikinis by high end designer brands cost somewhere around $200. Initially that sounds like a large amount of money, especially if you're still in school and don't work too much. If you set aside money each week that works with your budget I promise you'll be able to reach your goals.

Shop during the off season! I think the best time to shop for your favorite kinis is during winter. The companies usually still have full stock of swimsuit styles until the next season so all sizes are usually available but they're are just at a discounted price! A few years ago I snagged my fave $200 Blue Life bikini that I had eyed all summer for just $60!

Shop Small/Local Businesses! There are SO many local and smaller bikini companies that create high quality, affordable, and really cute styles!


To any brands who sell these wholesale bikinis that I'm talking about, I have nothing against you. I just want everyone to be knowledgeable about what they're supporting. I totally understand wanting a bikini line, but get creative! Be unique! You could be the best big thing if you just try! I don't want to offend anyone. I just completely disagree with the stealing of something original, making it in one of the most cruel mass produced ways, and then trying to pass it off as your own, and down the cycle it goes.

I hope I didn't confuse you guys! But if you have ANY questions feel free to reach out! Send me anything you're questioning as far as websites and brands and I'd love to give my honest opinion to you!

I'm working on a new blog post where I show you how similar the knock-off bikinis can look to the originals just so you can closely compare the two, to better understand what it is that bothers me so much!

Until next time! 

XX - Melly // TLBB

Ete Swimwear

Ete Swimwear

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Affordable/Quality Bikinis for Summer 2017!