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Moana Bikini Review

Moana Bikini Review

The blog post all of you Tan Lines Bikini Blog Babes have been waiting for….

Featuring Moana Bikini


I’m sure many of you know is this amazing swimwear company, @moanabikini.

Moana Bikini is a brand built on confidence, body - positivity, and feeling amazing about everything that is YOU.

Besides the amazing bikinis that I’ve obsessed over for a couple years now, I love this brand SO MUCH, for their message.

Another thing that comes to mind when I think if Moana Bikini, is colorful, unique, and stunning patterned bikinis. All of Moana’s patterns are exclusive to them, and there’s no denying that you’re going to stand out looking beautiful in your Moana bikini the beach.


The Moana Bikini Purpose

Moana Bikini is such an inspiring company. They’re on a mission to empower all kinds of babes, from all over the world. Confidence had be found in each and every one of the Moana babes out there, and I adore how amazing the #moanaarmy is.

Moana’s latest campaign '“Who Runs The World?” is all about getting babes from all over, in a bikini, and feeling confident, powerful, and unique, because after all, that IS what we ARE!


Bikini Specifics

Flamingo Fizz Set

This is my favorite bikini set TO DATE. I honestly love the unique look to this SO much.

First of all, the pattern and colors of this bikinis are so beautiful and all of my current fave colors in one bikini!

The Flamingo Fizz Top, is an off-the-shoulder, bandeau style top. It features braided, off -the- shoulder straps and super cute cut outs on the front of the top.

The Flamingo Fizz bottoms are a double strapped, braided bottom. I love how you can tie both of these straps, it is really flattering, and the space in between the two straps allows for a more sexy vibe.

These bottoms are a pretty cheeky bottom coverage, but I think is the perfect amount.

Price: $99

Jungle Rumble Set

This set is perfect for you sporty babes and can we talk about this amazing tropical print?!

The Jungle Rumble top has a high-neck design, perfect for any water activities or more active bikini shenanigans. This top isn’t just a high-neck styled top though, it’s so much more. It has a beautiful cut out in the front of the top, which is oh-so flattering.

The Jungle Rumble bottoms are a gorgeous over-the-hip bone, thong style with a seam running down the back. These bottoms are PERFECT, I literally adore the fit and look of these like you babes don’t even know!

This set is also a TWO FOR ONE, aka it’s REVERSIBLE to a whole new print! Check out the website to see the reversible side!

Price: $99

Bam Bam - G’Day Top X

Rise Above - Mate Bottoms

If you’re looking for the perfect cheeky, but also high waisted bottoms, girl, I have found them.

The Rise Above - Mate Bottoms are literally perfection. They are high waisted, but also sort of over-the-hip bottoms. These bottoms feature gorgeous “paneling” of sorts which really accentuates the waist and is so flattering in the back.

As for the Bam Bam - G’Day Top; I was so pleased with it! Normally I stay away from underwire bikinis, for the reason that I normally don’t have the boobs to fill them, (lol) but this top fit like a glove! It feels so great on and I love wearing it to the beach on days when I’m going to be swimming in the ocean a lot!

Top Price $65

Bottom Price $65


Moana’s sets are $99 usd and their separate are $65 usd a piece.

Those prices might sounds a bit scary to your bank account, but think about it this way.

You’re buying a seamless, and reversible bikini, with some of the most unique prints on it that you can’t get anywhere but Moana. Most of the suits reverse to a whole new color or print making you get more than just one look out of the bikini. Essentially you’re paying for one bikini but can wear it up to 3-4 different ways!

PLUS, you’re buying a high-end, Q U A L I T Y suit! Considering the quality of the pieces, these prices are more than fair!

Buying a bikini like this, of this quality, is really more of an investment. This is a bikini you will have and still be rocking for years to come! Which IS NOT something you’ll be able to say about any $20 knock off bikini, if you know what I mean!

Any way, I hope you babes enjoyed this new review on one of all of our favorite brands! If you have any questions feel free to DM me with them! Also, don’t forget to watch the Moana Bikini Try on + Review video below!

Until next time my Tan Lines Bikini Babes….

Xx Melly the Gypsea


For those that are part of the YouTube Review Fam, checkout the latest video on Moana Bikini!

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