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Mizuchi Swimwear || Collection Review

Mizuchi Swimwear || Collection Review

Hey my Tan Lines Bikini Babes! 

Long time, no talk. Am I right? Well, the wait is over, & I'm kicking the blog posts back into gear & working on bringing you guys consistent new content! 

I wanted to kick off this re-start with a BANGIN' photo set and Kini collection review. So here it is.  Meet...

Mizuchi Swimwear


Melly The Gypsea - Tan Lines Bikini Blog 

I have been watching and falling for this brand for a while now, I remember being so in love with the gorgeous crochet pieces. Today, Mizuchi Swim is a collection of both stunning, handmade lycra and crochet bikinis! I am telling you guys, this company IS the next big thing in swimwear. These bikinis are at the highest of quality, they're beautifully made and seriously so comfortable!

I adore this company not only because of it's stunning bikinis, but also because it was dreamed up and brought to life by a mega boss-babe at the age of 16, back in 2014! Starting out with mainly crochet swimwear and selling off of Etsy, Mizuchi Swimwear has become a full fledged business, and a beautiful one at that! Now, 20 year old, Hanako Muta is KILLING the bikini game! Today she has expanded her kini designs not only to crochet, but also to gorgeous handmade lycra suits as well as a blend of crochet-lycra suits! Mizuchi Swimwear has also been able to be sold wholesale to stores all over the world with the help of Hanako's momma! I seriously love learning about the behind the senses of companies, and Mizuchi Swimwear has clearly stolen my heart with their bikinis, as well as their story.  

Two out of the three bikinis I have are from one collection, The Flora and Fauna Collection, and the other kini is from The Lovers Collection! The Flora and Fauna Collection is the current collection, it seriously came out so beautifully and I love all of the pieces involved in it!  This collection was 100% inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature and and I completely see that vibe shining through! Each piece from the Flora and Fauna collection was designed to encourage women to embrace their individuality as well as anything that makes us unique! 

melody mizuchi (11 of 119).JPG

The Styles I have are...

Eve Crochet Bikini Set in 'White'

Daisy Bandeau Bikini Set in 'Tan Snake'

Lanikai Crochet Bikini Set in 'White'


Eve Crochet Bikini Top - The Eve Top is my serious favorite; like the bottoms it's paired with, it is a crocheted top that is lined with lycra making it oh-so comfortable! It is a traditional triangle top, that of which you tie around the neck and behind your back! (Flora & Fauna Collection)

Daisy Bandeau Bikini Top - This top is made SO well and it is SO comfortable! It is a bandeau style top, with ties that go over the shoulders. I love how you can have the pretty bow ties sitting right over your shoulder, or have them dangling off the shoulder, it is such a fun, flirty look! (Flora & Fauna Collection)

Lanikai Crochet Bikini Top - The Lanikai Top is   to. die. for. It is a stunning crochet design that  is a bit more revealing around the outer edges of the triangle top, and then tightly crocheted and lined on the inside portion!



Eve Crochet Bottoms  -  These bottoms are a stunning and simplistic design. I personally love that they are crochet while still being lined with lycra, making them extremely comfortable. (Flora & Fauna Collection)

Daisy Bottoms - Made of quality Italian made lycra fabric, the Daisy bottoms are the MOST comfortable bottoms EVER. I love the "v" shape they have, which naturally accentuates the waist and gives the appearance of longer legs! (Flora & Fauna Collection)

Lanikai Crochet Bottoms - Looking for the perfect crochet bottoms? These crochet bottoms are side-tie bottoms and also have the most gorgeous detailing on the sides. They're a bit fuller coverage but still allow a cheeky look! (The Lovers Collection)




Most of Mizuchis Kinis are sized Extra Small - Large, but a few of the suits are sized XS/Small - Large. So basically if someone is an extra small OR a small, they would just wear the size XS/Small. I in particular am an extra small and the XS/Small suit fit me perfectly, as it would for someone who is a size small!

Price Range

Tops - $55-$75

Bottoms - $55-$75

One Pieces - $140-$155

Overall, all of the Mizuchi Swimwear pieces are so beautifully made, they're extremely comfortable and 100% pass my quality test! All of the prints and color ways are to die for and totally tie so well together! Each collection has its own vibe but ALL of these pieces mesh so well together in my opinion and I could totally see myself mixing and matching a ton if these pieces!

I'm sure by now all of you have fallen for this company the same way I did, and I seriously recommend these pieces like 1000%. You guys know I'm all about quality bikinis, and I always say, you get what you pay for. So, with Mizuchi you are definitely getting your moneys worth babes!  I'm not kidding when I say that these suits, and this company are the next big thing!

Anyways, I hope you Tan Lines Bikini Babes enjoyed this feature and these images as well!

Until next time, XX - Melly || Tan Lines Bikini Blog 

Daisy Bikini Set

Daisy Bikini Set

Lanikai Crochet top

Lanikai Crochet top

Eve Crochet Set

Eve Crochet Set

Lanikai Crochet Top

Lanikai Crochet Top

Swimwear By @mizuchiswimwear || Website Here.

Flat Lay Photos were all created by me. (@_gypseaa)

Haku + Lie By @hakusandlove || Website Here.

Modeling Images shot by @tracytassillphoto || Website Here.

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