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Black Bough Swimwear || Summer 2018 Collection Review

Black Bough Swimwear || Summer 2018 Collection Review

Hey my Tan Lines Bikini Babes! Happy Sunday and hope you're happy about a new bikini related blog post! 

I'm sure most of you have heard of Black Bough Swimwear either from me, or on your own findings, but they're a company I love to talk about and highly recommend!

I have been working with them for quite a while now and recently did a blog post review of their Resort 2018 Collection, (make sure to check that blog post out as all of those bikinis are super cute and still available!)

Today I am reviewing the Black Bough Swimwear Summer 2018 Collection and it is;


Bahamas Cages Top X Stassy Cheeky Bottoms - Wild Cat

Bahamas Cages Top X Stassy Cheeky Bottoms - Wild Cat

Why I love Black Bough Swimwear...

Black Bough Swimwear has many lovable attributes, one of the being their amazing styles, prints and fabrics, other aspects being their great quality and even better prices. 

It's not often that you can find a nice, high quality bikini OR one piece for under $100.

 Also, instead of buying pre-made sets, every piece is sold as a separate so you can get your favorite top style along with your favorite bottom style to create the perfect set for you!

Black Bough Swim always has unique yet trending patterns and the most flattering styles made for all body types.

Stassy Top X Stassy Cheeky Bottoms - Red

Stassy Top X Stassy Cheeky Bottoms - Red

Suits I have.....

I got 5 different suits from this collection and I must say, I am pretty darn happy with every single one of them!

I wanted to go head and list out the different suits I received so you can check out each of them and see how each of these pieces were paired into a set!

Izzy Top X Maui Bottoms - Miami Nights

Izzy Top X Maui Bottoms - Miami Nights

Bikini Specifics


bb swim - suit 2 (27 of 30).JPG

Izzy Top - ($45) The Izzy Top is a sports style-like top, but with a flirty twist.  A small piece of fabric is added to the front of this top to tie into a knot, cinching in the top in the center adding a really flattering design to a super functional top!

Bahamas Caged Top - ($40) This top is perfect for the babes who love to bare naked shoulders at the beach. This strapless design has a caged feature in the back with straps that go horizontal across your back. This top may not be the best for swimming in the ocean, but it is great for you pool side tanning and beach side lounging babes!

Scarlet Top - ($45) The Scarlet Top is the perfect fixed triangle top! This top has no padding and secures with a clasp in the back.  I would recommend this top for any and all of your pool or beach adventures! 

Tallulah Top - ($40) The Tallulah Top is the PERFECT sports-style top, this is another great top for any beach adventures and I even use as sports bra from time to time. 

Stassy Top - ($40) The Stassy Top had the base of a bandeau top, but with a little something extra. This top has the cutest strap detailing and I seriously love it so much.  Basically you can tie the two separate straps over your shoulder to make a bow, creating a super delicate and flirty look!


bb swim - suit 4 (23 of 30).JPG

Maui Bottoms - ($40) This seamless bottom has cheeky coverage and can be worn mid-rise or high-rise.        With thick side straps, these bottom accentuate the waist and elongate the legs.

Stassy Cheeky Bottoms - ($40) The Stassy Bottoms are a thong style, "V" shaped bottom (in front and back) where the straps rise up over your hipbones. These bikinis bottoms are amazing for elongating the legs and making the booty look great. 

Brooke Bottoms - ($40) The Brooke bottoms have been my favorite since the resort collection and I think they're kinda the perfect bottom. Along with the comfiest and stretchiest material, these bottoms are sure to stay on in any ocean activity. I also personally love these bottoms because of the flattering seam that runs down the middle of the back of the bottoms making the booty look great!

Tallulah Side Tie Bottoms - ($40) The Tallulah Side Tie Bottoms are definitely a new favorite of mine. They can be worn low to mid-rise and have straps that you tie allowing for a personalized fit.  These bottoms have semi-cheeky coverage and I'm slightly obsessed you guys!

Tallulah Top X Tallulah Side Tie Bottoms - Daisy Daze

Tallulah Top X Tallulah Side Tie Bottoms - Daisy Daze

Sizing Guide

Black Bough Swimwear's sizes run small though large.

Check out their sizing guide, HERE.

Scarlet Top X Brooke Bottoms - Mango

Scarlet Top X Brooke Bottoms - Mango

Well babes, I hope you enjoyed this insight on some of the new Black Bough bikinis! I know I love this company without a doubt and I seriously recommend! These prices are so good, its insane! You can get an amazing bikini set or one piece for just $85 and that's unbeatable for the quality!

I just want to remind you babes that I share only brands that I truly believe in on my blog and would never promote something I don't stand by!

I seriously love writing this content, bikinis are my passion, and I love sharing my passion with you babes reading this!

If you loved this blog post, make sure to check out the Resort 2018 Collection Review! 

Until next time my Tan Lines Bikini Babes,

XX Melly || TLBB

All photos by @tracytassillphoto

Tracy's Website || www.tracytassill.com

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