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Halla x Halla Swimwear

Halla x Halla Swimwear

Hey My Tan Lines Bikini Babes!

As talked about via Instagram stories you guys will be getting the usual, but actually consistent, 2 blog posts a week! 

The first blog post I uploaded this week was all about my experience at Miami Swim Week 2018 and I answered any questions you guys had regarding the trip! You can read that blog post HERE.

Today I'm doing a feature and review on a really amazing brand, HallaxHalla Swimwear

HallaxHalla Swimwear is so special to me because not only do these suits really speak for themselves with their stunning patterns and reversible designs, but they are ethically made and sustainable pieces!

Ethically Made + Sustainable

These suits are made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets pulled out of the ocean.  I actually love that SO many brands are now sourcing their fabrics this way because it can all really make a difference in the amount of trash in the oceans! Imagine if ALL of the clothing industry sourced fabric this way?! It'd be a real game changer!


Back to the brand, besides the obvious reasons, HallaxHalla chose to source their fabric this way because helping keep the oceans clean, and marine life safe is something very important to them!  As it should be for every bikini wearing babe! Even better, this companies suits are all ethically made in Bali! You guys know, I CANNOT resist, a nice ethically made kini!

As for sustainability, HallaxHalla only produces a limited quantity of suits at a time. Producing in limited quantities allows the company to reduce the amount of waste that could be made during excess production, as well as reducing the amount of potential surplus products.

Surplus products - The amount of "left over" items in stock, usually made when a company produced too many of this particular item.  

Besides the awesome qualities of being ethically and sustainably made; HallaxHalla also uniquely designs all of the patterns and color ways. They create beautifully made, unique, and high quality suits made for all of your beach, yoga, surf, and adventure needs!


What suits do I have?

I have the gorgeous Classy One Piece in Neo, and I LOVE it. The fit of the suit is amazing, I am wearing it in a size small and it fits perfectly! What I really love about this suit is the gorgeous blue pattern on the "front" side, but this suit is fully reversible. When reversed this suit is the cutest sold bubble gum pink color! I love when you invest in one suit, but can get more than just one look out of it! When buying a reversible suit you can really get your moneys worth and when it comes to reversible bikinis, one pieces and all, HallaxHalla is doing it RIGHT.

Untitled design-4.png
Untitled design-3.png

So the second suit I have from HallaxHalla is the Tide Top and Viva Bottom in Halo. You guys, I don't think you understand how much I LOVE these bottoms, they're the PERFECT "thong" bottom cut! The tie sides on these bottoms are SO flattering as well, and I also love that they are sort of in the '"v-shape" which elongates the legs and brings in the waist! They are just seriously my favorite bottoms and I want them in every color!  As for the top; it's a triangle top, it has no padding and is really flattering with its' seamless stitching! The top also ties in the back and the straps criss-cross across your back allowing for the maximum support.



Over all the fit of these suits are perfect. I normally wear an XS in tops, bottoms and one pieces, but can wear a HallaxHalla size small pretty much perfectly! I'm sure someone who is a true size small would fill in these suits even better and it would fit beyond perfect!


I honestly give these suits a 10/10 on quality, and when you buy yourself a HallaxHalla suit, you'll understand exactly what I'm saying! From the moment I pulled  these suits out of the package I knew they were going to be amazing! I laid them on the floor to check them out to see how the stitching is done so beautifully and the fabric laid so nice and flat! You know a reversible bikini is made really well and the fabric is really nice when you can lay it out and the fabric on the other side isn't flipping up and showing. 

Another thing I loved about these reversible suits, is how when I was wearing the suits, the reversed side didn't flip or peek out.  Only the side that I wanted to how was visible and the fabric wasn't annoyingly flipping to the reverse side. These suits just have the perfect seams!


Overall the quality, make, and designs of these suits are amazing and of the highest quality!

I highly recommend these suits and I think you guys will love them! 

Make sure to check out the website and leave a comment below with your favorite suit style!

Until the next blog post, my Tan Lines Bikini Babes.

xx Melly The Gypsea

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