Hey Tan Lines Bikini Babes!

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Indigo Swimwear

Indigo Swimwear

Hey my Tan Lines Bikini Babes!

Today I'm here to share with you a new, and unique swear brand!


Indigo Swimwear

I recently came across this brand and was super interested in working with them after seeing their unique patterns and color ways!

Being the bikini obsessed human that I am has lead to me owning a pretty big majority of all different kinds of bikinis, but, there are still a few bikini styles that I have yet to get my hands on.

A few of those styles/color ways being a yellow cheetah print, or a giraffe printed bikini! I was so intrigued by the unique and bold patterns and colors and also really loved Indigo Swimwear's "safer" more neutral color ways and designs! 

So, here we are today, I got my hands on these suits and fell in love, and I am so excited to share them with you!


About the Brand..

Indigo Swimwear is based pretty local to me, as they're in Encinitas, California, and I'm in Oceanside (we're only like 15 minutes away from each other!)  I love when local babes are doing amazing things and finding local companies is always exciting and I love supporting them!

 Indigo Swimwear's mission is to take care of the ocean that we get to wear our bikinis in! This is SO important, and you'd think that all swimwear companies would want to contribute to bettering our oceans that are being oh-so mistreated, but sadly, thats not the case.

I feel like so many of these smaller companies are really working to make a change, and honestly, it's so amazing.  Together, we can really make an impact, and maybe inspire some of the larger companies to follow suit!

Back to Indigo Swimwear, a few of the ways that they work to help better the quality of our oceans and beaches is;

1. Using ECONYL yarn - A 100% regenerated nylon fabric made from old fishing nets and ocean waste.

2.  All pack aching and hang tags are eco-friendly.

3. A percentage of all purchases go to the R.O.L.E Foundations, "Zero Waste Too Oceans" initiative to help beaches in Bali or to the Surfrider Foundation to support local beach clean up in California. Indigo Swimwear is 100% committed to keeping the oceans waste free. 

Suits I have...

The Bali One Piece in Mango

The Bali One Piece in Crimson

The Bay Bottom and Bay Top in Savanna

The Baja Bottom and Baja Top in Fierce Canary

The Baja Bottom and Baja Top in Salem

IMG_1611 2.JPG

The Bali One Piece in Mango and The Bali One Piece in Crimson

This one piece is perfect for the surfer babe, the beach lounging babe, and an bikini wearing babe in general!

Details on this one piece include a moderately cheeky butt coverage, and braided straps that criss cross in the back!

Sizing on this one piece is XS-L, Indigo Swimwear has a bit of a different sizing guide, so I do recommend checking that out too!

The Bay Bottom and Bay Top in Savanna

A really exotic giraffe print isn’t my initial go to bikini pattern, but crazy enough, I LOVE it! Not only is the print on this bikini SO CUTE, I also really love the style of this suit!

The bottoms are the perfect suuuuuper cheeky side-tie bottoms, they have a “scrunch” up the back of the bottoms which is seriously so flattering!

The top is not your basic triangle top. Although it is a triangle top, it has super cute triangle cut outs that allow for two straps that go over your shoulders instead of one!

Overall this suit is so fun and I absolutely love the look of it!

The Baja Bottom and Baja Top in Salem and The Baja Bottom and Baja Top in Fierce Canary

This suit is so much fun! First of all..


The baja bottoms are a thong style in the back and have a super thick side, it’s seriously such a flattering style and Im so obsessed with the look of them!

As for the baja top, it is so unique and that’s what really drew me to this suit!

The top has a structured “V” slit in the front of the it and it has both regular over the shoulder straps as well as off the shoulder straps!

I LOVE how this top can be work with the the flowy ‘off the shoulder strap” above as a normal over the shoulder strap too! This top is sorta of a two-in-on in that aspect!

I absolutely love the baja top and bottoms together, they’re the perfect blend of the girly frills and the super cheeky thong bottoms!


 Over all, Indigo Swimwear has such a fun vibe to it! I love the bold styles that are still perfectly comfortable and look amazing!

Indigo Swimwear checks off all of my boxes when it comes to a sustainably + ethically made, eco-friendly, and really cute + super nice bikinis!

As for favorites I really think my favorite suit is the Bay Bottom and Bay Top in Savanna simply because of the amazing feel of it, the fit is perfect, the styles are so flattering, and it introduced me to wearing a new kind of printed bikini that I now love!

Any ways my Tan Lines Bikini Babes, I am so excited to have shared this truly awesome brand with you guys!

I’d love to hear what you love the most! Comment below or DM telling me which one was your favorite!

Until next time,

XX Melly the Gypsea

All Photos shot by @bryceflores

Indigo Swimwear’s Instagram

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