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Puawai Swimwear

Puawai Swimwear

P U A W A I S W I M W E A R.

Swimwear made for the minimal islander.


Hey my Tan Lines Bikini Babes!

I know it’s seriously been waaaaay too long since I’ve last uploaded a blog post, but I’ve been busy with a ton of other cool things (which is great) but I’m definitely ready to dedicate more time to my blog, and you lovely readers here!

Anyways, today’s blog post will be a feature, on Puawai Swimwear, a lovely company that’s based/designed in Singapore and ethically hand crafted in limited quantities in Bali. (& as you may know, we LOVE an ethically made company here at Tan Lines Bikini Blog!)

A little bit about Putwai Swimwear……

This brand has 3 main focuses, that of which are….

  1. Having Versatile and Adjustable Styles.

The designers at Puawai Swimwear recognize that every woman’s figure is different and uniquely her own. Therefore, they have designed their tops to cater to a wide range of bust sizes!

They designed all of their tops with fully adjustable straps which allows for the freedom to wear the top however it feels best on YOUR body! Not to mention, their adjustably tops are great for water sports/activity too!

2. Durability.

All of Puawai Swimwear’s bikinis are triple-lined, to ensure that they stay in shape for longer. One of the things that I seriously love about this company is that they 100% support + believe in + use  slow fashion, and their goal is to create quality products that last a long time.

3. Ethically Made.

Puawai Swimwear’s small team of Balinese artisans make all of their stunning swimwear. This does mean that each style they produce gets produced in small batches and limited quantities. As a small young brand, Puawai Swim had to choose between quality and quantity. So, they chose quality! (Which I LOVE!)

Introducing a collection of NEW + EXCLUSIVE prints!

Today I am specifically excited to share with you babes the release of a new stunning collection by Puawai Swimwear!

Each Gorgeous color way/pattern comes in 2 different durably, quality, and ethically made styles.

* N E W * Color Ways…



This gorgeous, green suit came to life after being inspired by the luscious jungles of South East Asia . I absolutely love the look of this fabric, its the perfect subtle, tropical vibe, without being an in-your-face tropical print!

I am wearing this suit in the Payar Top and the Maui Bottoms!



A tribute to its name - The Eagle Ray, elegant in movement and beautifully spotted, these are one of the most majestic creatures in the ocean.

I honestly love when companies take a print, pattern or color from an animal, and make an unclose print of it. I think it’s so artistic, and unique! Especially when at first glance you can think this is just a polka dotted suit, but really, it’s so much more!

The styles I’m wearing in this color way are the, The Taha’a Top x The Moyo Bottoms!



As the Puawai Swim team puts it, “When sun rays hit the gentle cloud of mist, tiny gentle sparkles appear. Isn’t nature just amazing?”

I couldn’t agree any more, because as majestic as their description of this color way is, is just as majestic as this suit look in person, and under the sunlight!

This suit literally shine the most subtle, glamorous, natural shine ever, and I seriously love this unique color!

In this color way, I am wearing the The Taha’a Top x The Moyo Bottoms!


Fun fact: All styles are named in after some of the most beautiful islands from around the world. When designing + naming suits, most of their inspiration comes from nature and island life, so this is Puawai Swims way of paying tribute!

The Taha’a Top x The Maui Bottoms

The Taha’a Top

From: Taha’a, French Polynesia

This top features a really comfortable scoop V-neck with adjustable straps with back tie detail.

The straps can be worn classic or cross-back.

The Maui Bottoms

From: Maui, Hawaii

These bottoms have a back scrunch-butt detail with the perfect moderate coverage!

The Payar Top x The Moyo Bottoms

The Payar Top

From: Pulau Payar, Malaysia

This top is a fully adjustable scoop-neck top with stunning criss-cross back detail, another amazingly comfortable top perfect for all body types and any activity!

The Moyo Bottoms

From: Pulau Moyo, Indonesia

For you bikini babes that like to show a little more bum, this classic Brazilian cut bottom with minimal back coverage is the perfect addition to your kini collection!

Overall, Puawai Swimwear is doing such amazing things. I seriously give this company an A+ for their functional, adjustable, ethically made, and durable suits. I highly reccomedn this company and can 100% say this you’ll be investing in a GREAT bikini if you choose to shop Puawai’s stunning new collection!

Puawai Instagram - @puawaiswimwear

Puawai Website - https://puawaiswimwear.com

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