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The WORST part about being a Content Creator.

The WORST part about being a Content Creator.

Hey my Tan Lines Bikini Babes!

So today I'm talking about a subject that has been really getting to me lately!

How "influencers" rip off companies.

It makes me sick. I've heard time and time again about so-called "influencers", "content creators", or "ambassadors", whatever they decide to call themselves, taking product from companies for free and the company never receives anything in return!

Here's my issue.

You can't give your self a semi-professional name and use it to steal from companies, because stealing is E X A C T L Y what is going on here.

Social media is one of THE biggest platforms for advertising. Companies are always on the lookout for new content creators, looking for fresh faces, new styles, and anyone that can add something different to their branding while still keeping their general theme. 

So, that leads to how people like me get jobs!

Not everyone starts right off the bat getting paid, I sure didn't. In fact many people do this work for free just because its fun and they make it a hobby!

 Even if you don't get paid you should NEVER leave a company empty handed (& If you are getting paid, there is no reason to absolutely EVER not return your expected service to the company). If a company is clearly trusting someone enough to gift a free piece of their hard earned time & energy, a product that came from their money, a service in some form, needs to be returned. 


If you want to call yourself a "content creator" an "influencer" or an "ambassador" do the job that is expected of you and give it your all! 

Now, if you're just in this to get "free stuff" then you really shouldn't be doing this at all. There are so many people that work hard in this industry, who love what they do and they shouldn't be negatively impacted or looked down on because other frauds want to steal from a company. 

That being said.

There really isn't a "worst" part to begin a content creator. I love my job and I treat it like a baby, I'm not finished with a company until I know they're completely satisfied with their content. It just truly breaks my heart that there are people out there who have it in them to take from hard working individuals.

What needs to be remembered is, just because a company is a company, it doesn't mean they have all the money in the world. It doesn't mean that they can give away anything and everything just because you might think they can make more. It's not THAT simple.

A business owner puts in countless hours, time, energy, and love into what they do. Most companies (especially swimwear) are handmade and if the owner themselves aren't hand making the garment, they're usually paying someone else to do so & guess what? Thats even MORE money coming out of their pocket on top of the gifted item and shipping fees that it costed to get to someone who just takes and doesn't return the favor! Now, tell me you don't think thats wrong, because I can tell you with 100% of me that it is absolutely NOT okay.

I just want everyone in the industry to be treated fair and right. Respect should be given at all times. On both ends, as a company or the content creator, we all need to know the amount of work that goes into what the other does. 

Just remember, make sure you return when you receive. You do that and you're already building a good and reputable name in this industry. If you receive and don't return the proper service, you could be building a bad name for yourself, that of which will make it really hard for you to be trusted in the future.

I hope you guys appreciated this blog post, company or not, everyday we can learn something new, and apply these new lessons to our lives. 

Let's do it right!

XX - Melly the Gypsea

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