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Plan for 2018 NOW + Goal Reaching Essentials

Plan for 2018 NOW + Goal Reaching Essentials

Hey my TLBB Babes!

I am SO excited for the new year, and IT'S ALMOST HERE! 

So, today, this beautiful Monday Morning, I wanted to kick off the week with a motivating blog post on why we should all start planning & setting goals for 2018 NOW! To be honest, I started planning for 2018 a few months ago and I feel no shame, it's so nice to have things to be excited about and look forward to!

I'm going to share with you my #1 planning essentials as well as tell you why they are so important to my planning regimen as well as my best planning and goal setting tips to make things happen!


First off, WHY is it important to start planning for 2018 now?!

Planning is all about setting goals ahead of time, telling yourself things need to happen and that you're going to get them accomplished!

2018 is a NEW year, we get a fresh start for the next 365 days ahead and we should all want to put our best foot forward!

I think planning for the new years makes way for a successful year ahead, you're throwing out into the universe your plans, goals and ideas, and YOU CAN make them happen!

I really want to encourage you guys to start off by making a 2018 Bucket List, with any kind of goals! Travel goals, work goals, school goals, health goals! Start off with making that list and put yourself in the beginning of the new path that you want to take! From there you can buy the planner, get the notebook, and start creating your plans to accomplish these goals!


So! First Things First...

Planning Essentials.

Here is a little list of todays topics essentials! Each of these items are so detrimental to my planning regimen and you're are about to find out why!




// 3 Kinds

Planners are obviously a serious must when it comes to planning and setting goals. I myself use 3 different planners! I am HYPER-Particular about my organization and I've just found that for me I enjoy planning most when there are different methods and planning genres!

I have an everyday work & life planner, a financial planner, and The Content Planner!


The planner that I use for everyday work, and day-to-day life tasks is honestly always glued to me at hand. It's literally my visual brain, everything I think about like, to-do's, ideas, it ALL goes into this planner! Its where I put EVERYTHING from shoot dates & blog post deadlines, to shopping lists and washing my car!

You can find any typical planner like this in your local Target, or Michaels! I personally love getting my planners and notebooks from Marshalls, they don't always have the same assortment but what they do have is always so cute! 

My current planner is a bound book-style planner without the rings. I love this planner but I have used it for a solid 6 months and I have already begun purchasing my new set of  planners for the  new year! I prefer the rings style planners, I find that it is easier to write in them as you can just flip the cover around get writing without the other side of the book in the way! (Yes, I'm left-handed)


Pro Tip // If you're stuck in a rut and need to get back to work but have NO energy towards what you're doing, well, do I have the hack for you! When I go through uninspiring times and have no drive, my FAVORITE thing to do is to run to Target or Marshalls and pick up some new planners and notebooks! I know this may not be the most economically savvy when you're trying to save money, BUT I think this is the best pick-me-up EVER! In reality you probably wont spend more that $20-$30 and it's SO worth the investment to re-jumpstart your business! I usually like to switch out my planners anyways every 6 months! It's just nice to add some change into the daily routine!

I find that when I have a clean slate to start with I get more creative and inspired than ever!

The Content Planner, this planner is literally my dream come true you guys!

It's every planning obsessed YouTubers, Bloggers, and Content Creators dream and if you weren't obsessed with planning before, once you get your hands on this baby, YOU WILL BE OBSESSED!  It is tailored towards content creation and allows you to map out every bit of your content creating schedule! 

I had last years content planner and loved it so dang much! This years planner has gotten even better and I cannot wait too get my hands on it! I'm pretty sure it ships out this week and I could die of excitement!

P.s. once I get my new Content Planner, I am going to be doing an in depth blog post review + a YouTube video on a review of The Content Planner as well how how I use it!

Make sure you're subscribed to my new YouTube channel so you can know right away once that video is live!


Financial Planner

I recently, in the last 6 months or so, created a financial planner and it has seriously helped me so much! I use a fillable page planner from Target where you buy the mini binder and fillable pages separately. I enjoy this style of planner for my finances because I can easily take the pages out to write in what days my bills are due on vs. what days I have new income!

I also use this planner to track how much money I'm spending and how much is in my savings! I also like to set goals for items I want but I need to save for! When I can see my money goals every day it really helps to stay on track!



Note books are the next HUGE essential & l love the spiral note books for the same reason I love spiral planners! They're super easy to write in and you can easily remove pages if you need to!

In my notebooks I write down everything from monthy to-do lists and goals, to weekly and daily! It really depends on what is going on that month and from there I am able to go ahead and map out what I need to do! I also use my note books to plan blog posts and YouTube Videos so I don't forget any main points! 

Planning Accessory Necessities 

Sticky Notes, Pens and Highlighters are SO important to how I plan. I use two different types of pens, a really thin pointed pen and a larger ballpoint pen! I prefer different plans to be written in different sizes so these pens that I use help me perfectly achieve what I want!

As far as sticky notes go, I love a subtle pop of pink in my planner, and for the rest i prefer neutral color sticky notes!

Having two of my own Instagram accounts (@_gypseaa and @thegypseaandthemerbabe) AND managing other companies accounts on various other platforms calls for a lot of organization and planning and writing so this is my LIFE, but I'm so obsessed with it that its crazy I get to call it work!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and that it may have benefited you in some way! I feel like I have so much to say and can't get it all across in a blog post so I definitely want to do a YouTube video on how I plan! If you guys would be interested in that leave a comment in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading!

XX - Melly the Gypsea

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