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Story Time // How I Worked With Midori Bikinis!

Story Time // How I Worked With Midori Bikinis!

Hello my Tan Lines Bikini Babes!

I've had quite the exciting last few weeks! I feel so blessed as I've been welcomed to so many amazing opportunities & I'm totally reaching goals that I didn't think I'd already be reaching.  

I wanted to share with you guys a little inside scoop on how it came about that I was able to work with one of my favorite swimwear brands that I had been wanting to work with for years!

So, a month or so ago I was talking to my bestie, best friend, other half, whatever you wanna call her, Annalisa (aka @annalisa.veronica, go follow her!) and we were discussing the brand Midori Bikinis and how much we love them! Annalisa has a collection of their kinis already growing in her wardrobe as she's been supporting them for years, and she was even a part of one of their lifestyle shoots a year or so ago!

We were talking about the lifestyle shoot she was a part of with them and I went on to say how I'd love to work with a company like them because:

  1. Their kinis are so cute. 
  2. They're such an influential brand.
  3. They support diversity and I love that so much about them!

I had also mentioned to Annalisa how I thought I'd probably never even get the chance to work with them considering I had been acquainted with them in the past through social media and I just figured that if they wanted to work with me I'd have been contacted by now. So I kinda just bummed my self out over it and let the negativity of my own thoughts get the better of me. 

LITTLE DID I KNOW.... (the Midori Bikini gods must have hear me because,)


I can't even explain the level of excitement that went through me as I read through the email and responded back to them so quickly with my obvious answer... YES!

I honestly am SO grateful to have been able to work with Midori and the amazing team of people behind the rad brand! It had been such a HUGE goal of mine to be able to one day collaborate with them and I still am so happy about it!

The day of the shoot came and I was actually a little nervous, and let me tell you, I haven't been nervous about a shoot in F O R E V E R , but they were good, excited nerves, so it wasn't a bad thing at all!

The shoot was held at a gorgeous all white villa here in Sunny Sand Diego County, the white walls,  a gorgeous pool, palms everywhere, and the most perfect hints of blues and turquoise, set the most perfect vibe for a perfect shoot.

The models involved in the shoot included, myself, (duh) and two other babes Nicole @nichussey & Monet @monetbray! They were the sweetest babes and we all had such a good time together!

As far as the shooting went, everything was tropical perfection, the bikinis were beyond amazing (as expected) , and the photographer and whole team in general was so on point! If I could go back to that shoot day and do it all over again I would! It was such a great experience!

Now, I know you babes have seen some of the teaser images I posted from the shoot and you want to see more, So, Here they are! Wanted to share a few of my faves with you! 

Hair & Make Up By @facebyraymie

All photos by @elsyewhall

Thank you Midori Bikinis!!


I am more than just a number.

I am more than just a number.

The Cutest Place.. EVER

The Cutest Place.. EVER