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I am more than just a number.

I am more than just a number.

I have been finding myself getting so irritated over the lack of likes my photos are getting.

Ever since Instagram began their new updates with the new algorithm & creating "shadow banning" along with all of these other things that don't make sense, everyone has been buzzing about how their engagement dropped. 

I'm one of those people. 

We use comment pods, shout ourselves out, have others shout us out, do anything to get the engagement we "deserve" or that of which our Instagram Following says we "deserve."

Really though, does it matter? NO! 


I get so mad at myself because yes, this is a business, yes I need to numerically look appealing on Instagram to book jobs. No one wants to be questioned on the authenticity of their page when they're doing it all fair. Honestly though, it really irritates me that Instagram has changed and now my account looks off.

I'm gaining hundreds of new followers a week as my engagement continues to drop. It's crazy how this change in numbers has totally made me second guess myself, my work.  My images get anywhere from 300-2,000 likes, how does that even make sense?! I'll never understand with the way our beloved platform is ever-so changing.   

What I've realized is, IT SHOULDN'T MATTER.  To brands, photographers, & models, we shouldn't define who "qualifies" at our specific "levels" on who we should  and shouldn't work with based on their following count. 

I work with brands who have hundreds of thousands of followers to brands who have less than a hundred followers. In my eyes, if your brand looks promising even though you've just started and if you're of quality and original, Ill work with you! 

For brands, if you're on the look out for a content creator, don't let a low following account deter you from working with someone! The girl/guy with a few thousand followers can easily produce you amazing unique work over the girl/guy who has tens of thousands - hundreds of thousands of followers (of which could be potentially bought) and they may not produce the same level quality content. Don't be controlled by numbers, LOOK at the images the potential partner had already created, look for quality and originality and your intuition and idea for what your branding should look like will help you decide on the best fit! 

Point is, I'm proud of me and the work I've created, the progress I've made. I looked at my profile this morning and became so over joyed and inspired by the way MY WORK looked, I created a page for myself that I always dreamed of, my images are allowing my dreams to come true, and I have accomplished more by now, than I ever thought I'd already have accomplished.

I'm happy with my work and that means more to me than any number should, and same goes for all you hard working babes out there!

Things to keep in mind:

* You're doing amazing.  
* YOU are more than a number.
* Keep doing you.
* Never second guess yourself.

XX - Melly // TLBB

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