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How I got into modeling/content creation.

How I got into modeling/content creation.

I've had goals, as far as my modeling goes, set for years (I was 16 when I started getting more involved), but I felt like I could never make them happen. I felt like because I was already 16 and not signed with an agency that I had no chance. I felt like because I was 5'3 and didn't meet the "height requirement" that I had no chance. Everything that I wanted to do seemed so far fetched in my eyes because of these "standards" I felt I didn't meet.

I pretty much ended up giving up this idea of what I thought I wanted pursue, I only did shoots for fun, instead of for "building a portfolio." At that point I already knew I loved being in front the camera and creating images with people so I wanted to continue doing it!

It was around the same time that I made an Instagram and began posting to it! I live in a beach town so it was easy to post photos in swimwear and create beachy images! As time went on I began getting contacted by companies to collaborate and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I began getting packages every day and as exciting as it was, it also became very overwhelming. It became a full time job, paid or not because I always want to put my best foot forward and create the best content for each company that I possibly can. My life contains a lot of planning & organizing, not only because I already love doing those things but also because I need to do them to stay on top of everything!

It wasn't until about a year ago when I got 100% serious about my shooting and content creation. I began setting goals, super reachable ones, and others that seemed a bit out of reach.

Goal setting is throwing your plans out to the universe and they will 100% come back to you!

I shot for an entire year straight, something I had never done before, and thats one of my favorite accomplishments yet. I live in Southern California and it doesn't get THAT cold here but when you're standing in a bikini with bare feet on freezing cold sand and the winter time off shore winds are hitting you, ALL WINTER LONG, it gets pretty cold and old, but oh so worth it! I love being able to say that I shot every single month, a few times a month, and lately a few times a week, for an entire year straight. It has taught me so incredibly much and I'm still learning every single day. 

 As far as who takes my images goes, my boyfriend, @bryceflores, is a pretty talented photographer so needless to say, It was really helpful that he was able to be there for me and shoot the product I began receiving from companies! He was a huge help in supporting me and my goals & every day continues to encourage me to chase my dreams. I also have a few of my favorite photographers that I work with frequently but another great way to get images done is to just shoot with your friends! I love meeting up with my friends for a coffee date and some shooting afterwards! We just go to our favorite locations and get out all of our products and get snapping away!

I honestly love how social media has opened the door to so many opportunities for so many people. I love how all of these creative people get to put their work on a platform where we can all support each other and eventually create together! Thanks to social media I have accomplished goals that I otherwise don't think I ever could have. I've gotten the chance to work with some of my dream brands (like Midori Bikinis, Billabong Womens, Lspace Swim, and many more) as well as meet so many other amazing brands and smaller companies, I've gone on a paid photoshoot trip to Mexico, I continue to meet so many amazing people, and am so excited for what the future holds for me! I can honestly say that I've never been proud of myself, the way I am now, I've never felt accomplished or felt like I was doing something of purpose and now I do!

This is just my story,

You don't NEED a DSLR camera to do this, you don't NEED to live at the beach, you don't need to do what everyone else is doing on Instagram. My biggest tip is to try your best to be different, create unique work. You'll end up being noticed more if you create quality unique work more than you would if you're trying to copy cat a bigger already grown account. For example, Jay Alvarrez, I'm sure you know who he is. He's a creative on Instagram with mind blowing images and videos of this crazy lavish lifestyle. In reality there very few people who live like him, so I suggest to not be another copycat trying to create work similar to his because he will always someone who others work gets compared to. So instead of filming yourself jump out of plane with electronic music in the background, go the extra mile to think of something totally unique and original. Creativity will always show through. Originality always wins. 

The Point is, be you, find what inspires you, and create work that inspires you. I never thought that my OWN work could inspire me, I've always been so inspired by others, and now my own works also inspires me, it keeps me going and its a crazy intense feeling. I honestly love what I'm doing and I 100% appreciate the support from all of you guys. From you reading this blog post, to liking my photos, to following me, you guys play a role in my inspiration & I appreciate it! 


1. Be unique & Original
2.  Find what inspires you and follow it!
3. Set goals and chase them
4. Find a theme/photo style you enjoy!
5. Connect with other creatives
6. Start off with your phone camera!
(you don't need a super expensive camera for this!
If you have an eye for creativity if will show through
even with a phone photo!)
7. Create a schedule so you can stay on top of everything!
8. Positivity is key, IN EVERYTHING!

Thank you guys so much for taking the time to stop by and read this blog post! 
XX -  Melly // TLBB

What's In My Camera Bag // Blogger Essentials

What's In My Camera Bag // Blogger Essentials

I am more than just a number.

I am more than just a number.