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What's In My Camera Bag // Blogger Essentials

What's In My Camera Bag // Blogger Essentials

Hey babes! 

I know how interested many of you can be as far as the "behind the scenes" aspect to blogging/modeling goes! So today I thought I'd share with you my main blogging essentials as well as the things that are always in my camera bag!

For starters, what IS my camera bag?!
It is a gorgeous handbag/backpack by Shop Anaya Style. A bag company that specializes in amazing quality, yet really stylish camera bags!

The bag that I received from them is the Savannah bag. Not even kidding you guys, this bag is my pride and joy along side my camera! This dynamic duo camera/camera bag set go with me EVERYWHERE and that is the best part about this bag, it is so versatile and can literally be used and taken anywhere!

Stay tuned for a featured post and interview of the creators behind @anayastyle, coming to the blog soon!

Next up, The Camera!

I have a Canon 80D and I currently have two lenses, a 18-35mm and a larger sense, a 55-250mm. These a both extremely basic stock lenses that came with my camera, but the 100% get the job done!

If you're interested in this camera, I highly recommend it! It does everything I need it to and more!  I purchased it from Costco and you can find it HERE.


My Favorite camera accessory is my camera strap from Shop Anaya and you can find many more like this gorgeous one I have, HERE.

My next camera bag essential is my lense polarizer, which really helps when I'm shooting at the beach during the mid-day harsh sunlight! I honestly don't know where Bryce got this but he has had it since he got his very first camera years ago and recently passed it onto me when he found it! Thanks Babe! 

One of the more boring essentials but something I ALWAYS make sure I have is, my extra battery, fully charged and ready to go incase my current battery dies! Another #1 essential for my camera is memory cards.... Duh. Won't get very far without them!

So of course I gotta have my phone! My Iphone is where I store all of my photo inspo and because of the wifi capability on my camera I can easily download images fresh off my camera to my phone right after I take them, which is perfect for me!

I have been loving my new phone cases from @get.casely and this one below happens to be my current favorite, gotta keep my tropical vibes all around me! You can find this phone case, and many other cute ones, HERE!

So, this has to be one of my favorite things as part of my camera bag essentials, and this my Sudio Sweden wireless earphones! These @sudiosweden earphones I have are wireless, and not only do they come with a really cute case, but they have ROSE GOLD ACCENTS, like so amazing, am I right?! I love having these earphones with me at all times in the camera bag because when I'm alone shooting content it's nice to be able to just throw them in my ears and get to working with no distractions or annoying cords in the way! 

You can find these exact earphones, HERE.

& use code " gypsea " for 15% off!

So, the next essentials that I've had hanging out in my camera bag since I received it have been my Pura Vida Bracelets products! I'm always creating content for them so I love having all of my go-to products close by for when inspiration strikes!

Follow them and check out the website!
Instagram // @puravidabracelets 
Website // Puravidabracelets.com

So that wraps up the main essentials that go IN my bag, and YES, all of the fits into my camera bag with no issue at all, I love it!

A few things that I always have with me (and not necessarily IN the camera bag) while shooting is of course all of the heaps of inventory to shoot, as well as my notebooks and planner with all of my notes, lists, and guidelines that I set for myself to follow! ~ Staying organized and up-to-date is key! Also, of course my laptop! Although my camera bag will easily carry my 13" Macbook Pro,  I don't like to carry it around with me all day, so it waits patiently at home while photos are being produced! While traveling, the laptop will definitely be in my bag though!

Thank you guys for stopping by and I hope you found some helpful information or inspiration from this blog post!

XX - Melly // TLBB

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