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Mahiya Leather // Clothing of Bohemian Dreams

Mahiya Leather // Clothing of Bohemian Dreams

Mahiya Leather 

Mahiya – meaning ‘My Love'

A company that expresses the perfect summer time, bohemian vibes.

Based in the beautiful Gold Coast, and with the ability to have traveled to beautiful exotic locations, the married duo, Alex and Ryan dreamed up this pretty little brand and the inspiration they found from their travels is added into each item of their company.

The quality of the pieces are unbelievably amazing, and the fabrics feel heavy an durable, even though they're so flowy and beautiful. I was THOROUGHLY impressed with the quality and attention to detail that each item possesses.


This dress is probably my current absolute favorite thing in my closet, not even kidding! I can say I easily wear it a few times a week! Its the perfect dress for the beach, running errands, or going to work! I love the weight of the fabric and how it hangs on the body, it is so perfect for day to day wear!

A few details about the dress, it features gorgeous long sleeves, and a cinch tie around the waist to accentuate your curves, SO freakin flattering, might I add! It also falls at the perfect length on my legs & can unbutton down the front a bit if you'd like to show off a cute bralette under.

You can find the Wynter Dress HERE.


If you know me, then you know I love ANYTHING flowy, bohemian, and maxi length. Needless to say, this skirt... HAS. IT. ALL. This is the Delilah Skirt , from the color way, to the shape of the skirt and yet again, the amazing fabric quality, this is my FAVORITE maxi skirt in my wardrobe!

This maxi skirt touches the floor in the back but on the front is has a higher hem which allows its to flow perfectly and makes it really easy to walk in. Cause, we all know some floor length skirts can be quite a pain to walk around in all day, but not this beauty! The skirt buttons all the way down and has a cinch tie around the waist so you can allow it to fit accordingly around your body!

Find the Delilah Skirt HERE.


 I want to thank you babes for stopping by my blog and reading this post about a brand that I truly love inside and out. I OH-SO highly recommend this brand to you guys and wouldn't recommend anything but the best, I know you will fall as much in love with this company as I did!

I hope your all having a wonderful day!

XX - Melly // TLBB

To check out the feature that Mahiya Leather shared of me on their blog, click HERE.

Follow Mahiya Leather on Instagram, @mahiya_leather.
Mahiya Leather Website Link.


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