Hey Tan Lines Bikini Babes!

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Getting Fit with Body Boss

Getting Fit with Body Boss

Hey my Tan Lines Bikini Babes! 

This month I'm teaming up with Body Boss - The Ultimate Body Fitness Guide, with a sponsored blog post to share with you all this amazing workout program & my experience with it! 

I just want to start off by saying, I hope you guys are all aware that I don't ever share any brands with you guys unless they're something I truly would recommend & BodyBoss, is something I truly want to share with you! 

As we all know, summer is pretty much over, but the seasonal change and the less of a chance of bikini wearing days shouldn't hold us back from keeping our bodies healthy and strong. For me, I wear bikinis all year long, and I love my body no matter what it looks like, but it always feels extra amazing when I know I'm treating my body right. With the help of this fitness guide I know myself and You as well can feel great and look in tip-top shape!

What IS the BodyBoss 12-Wk Ultimate Body Fitness Guide? 

This guide is a 12-week fitness program, it features high intensity workouts & helps you rapidly burn fat. Each workout can be done in 24 minutes and you only need to work-out 3 times a week! Before I had even begun using the guide I was already in love, the structured aspect of the plan and the time saving workouts got me really excited! 

For me, I'm terrible at sticking to a workout routine & actually doing it day after day. I get bored! That's why I LOVE the BodyBoss guide! With a busy shooting schedule & only needing to set aside about 30 minutes to get my workout in, it's a huge plus! Also, every day is something different!


My Experience.

I wasn't on a workout routine or schedule at all, so for me I was a little nervous that I'd fall out of the routine like I always usually do. Although I haven't been really working out, I made an effort to get out every single day and I'd just walk my dog, and we'd also complete pretty daily hikes. So, I wouldn't say that I was completely out of shape, but I definitely didn't have a routine & I was a bit nervous about jumping right into the main guide.

Taking my thoughts into consideration and after reading the BodyBoss recommendations I decided that I'd complete the 4-week pre-training guide just to get myself on a schedule and slowly build up to the actual workouts themselves.

When I began the first day of the first week it felt so good. A 4 minute jog around the neighborhood, 6 minute warm-up stretches, 7 minutes of the circuit itself(with a three minute rest), and lastly the cool down. Sounds simple right?! Well it is! & it felt so good! I've been taking it day by day and I honestly look forward to working out!

Still being in pre-training, the workouts will be all full body based 3 days a week, with  a rest day and a cardio day, at the moment I am still working on that, building my body up for the program itself.

Once I being the actual program, each day is designated to a new targeted muscle group!

For example, Monday is Legs and Booty day. I'll start off Monday with the 10 minute warm-up, and begin the circuit of squats, lunges, high knees, and many more fun, and high intensity, booty burning workouts, and then finish off with a rest in between each round of the circuit (3 rounds) and the final cool down. The rest of the week consists of; Tuesday - Recovery Day, Wednesday - Arms, Abs, and Core, Thursday (My Favorite) Cardio Day, and Friday you end the week with a strong Full Body workout!

I'm so excited to feel confident after completing the pre-training, and head into the actual program itself! The structured aspect & steady but strong paced workouts are so motivating!

Every day a new challenge, a new goal.


One of my favorite parts is waking up and feeling sore, knowing your getting somewhere, feeling the burn is almost just as exciting as seeing the results! I am beginning to feel more structured and love allowing the important time to get my workout in. I'm a tad sore from not being used to working out, but like I said, I LOVE it!

If you're anything like me (or like I used to be) and have a hard time with "finding time" to workout out, or don't have a routine that works, or get bored with the same exact workout every day, then I SO highly recommend The BodyBoss Fitness Guide to you! BodyBoss does it all for you! They gave you a quick workout that fits into my schedule, they plan out the different fun circuits, they structure it all in a way where you just have to DO IT! They teach you that most excuses are irrelevant and that you can do anything you put your mind to!

I am honestly so happy with this workout guide & cannot wait to see my results by the time I've completed it! 

You can find the copy that I have Here. The guide is available in an online edition where you can purchase and have immediate access, or you can purchase the printed version! I personally love anything printed and in book form, so the printed version in amazing for me! 

I really hope you guys give this guide try and if you do, I want to know! Lets do this together! 

XX - Melly // TLBB

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