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What IS My Job?

What IS My Job?

A DREAM written down with a date becomes a GOAL.

A GOAL broken down into steps becomes a PLAN.

A PLAN backed by ACTION becomes REALITY.

This quote has led me through many days this last year, and I am so grateful for the push it has always given me.

What IS My Job?

I’m sure this may be a question you guys who follow me might find yourselves asking. I get plenty of Dm’s on Instagram with this question being asked, so rather than telling each of you privately, I figured I’d write it out on the blog!

I am also writing this blog post, in perfect timing to celebrate my 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of QUITTING my part time job, and going 100% FREELANCE! November of 2017 was the month I made the jump into pursuing my passion and making it a reality, and I couldn’t be more proud!

So, back to the big question, What even IS my job? Well, funny thing is that it really has evolved over the past year.

I know when you look at my instagram account, many of you probably think, “Bikini Model” or “blogger” but my job has become SO much more than that. I still do eat, breath, and sleep bikinis, but my jobs aren’t only, those two “jobs”.

Initially going into being 100% freelance, I knew I’d be doing a TON of content creation for brands (it was my main focus at the time as well as main form of income). It was my goal to get as many monthly content creations jobs as I could in order to have some kind of consistent form of income for every month. Otherwise, like the rest of my content creations jobs, I’d be getting paid but not exactly knowing when, and a girl’s gotta pay bills! So finding monthly-consistent work, was a major goal!

As I was working to find the consistent monthly content creation jobs, and new clients to create for, I made some goals. That of which included;

  • Getting into being a Social Media Manager (somehow)

  • Getting more bookings as a freelance model (really hard to do without an agent)

  • Think about coming up with a product or an online store to sell!

  • Make money on my blog, since I began paying for it to be live, I wanted to make that money back and them some every month!

Now, the craziest things would happen. As I would make these goals, write them down, think about them, and unknowingly manifest them, things started happening.

I began getting reached out to by small businesses asking me to run their social media, even though I had NO experience and wasn’t even advertising it! They had liked the way I ran my personal instagram, and the way I planned my feed, so they came to me! CRAZY HUH?!

Little by little, I was working towards turning all of these goals into a reality, and it worked babes! The only goal I have yet to dive into is the one of me coming up with a product, a tangible item to sell or an online shop! I want this to be so special when it comes, so I am waiting for the inspiration to hit on what I should be doing! Yes it has taken easily over a year already, but good things take time, and I don’t want to force anything that I’m not die-hard passionate about!

Enough of a back story and onto what you’ve been waiting for… the details on, what IS my job?

Content Creator

As of November of 2018, I have multiple monthly content creation jobs, with companies that have stuck with me through this entire year! I began working with them last November and here we are, thriving and creating together STILL! I also book Many one-time continent creation jobs for companies and they’re all usually repeat clients!

Freelance Model

I booked MANY freelance modeling jobs with a new, higher rate, and made that rate every gig, how? I just consistently advertised myself on my Instagram as a freelance model!


I have consistently made money off of my blog through content creation bundles, and companies wanting to be featured on my pride and glory of a platform.

Social Media Manager

I have been a social media manager for a handful of accounts in the last year, some which have parted for their personal reasons, but I am so grateful to all of them because through working with them I have learned and self taught so much necessary knowledge! I am now ending the year strong with a few AMAZING Social Media Management clients, and I couldn’t be any happier to have been led to this point in my career, working with these amazing brands.

Social Media Coach

I have also taken on something new that I am oh-so passionate about, which is Social Media Coaching. Not everyone or every brand has it in their budget to hire a Social Media Manager, so I have taken all of my best tips to create a coaching plan. My Instagram coaching plan is far different from the rest, I am extremely hands on, I tailor all of my lessons and tips to the brand I am working with, and I really teach my coaching clients so they feel confident after our 3 month contract to go on a grow their account themselves!

I have never felt more, than I do now, that my hard work and dedication has truly paid off. Going into this, I didn’t know how tough mentally working from home and being an entrepreneur was truly going to be. I still don’t know everything yet, and the beauty of doing this is that the opportunity to learn something new is ENDLESS.

IMG_3972 2.jpg

For the first time in my life (It’s not that dramatic, I’m only 21! haha) my job feels perfect. I am so proud, so dedicated, so inspired, so motivated, and yes sometimes I have bad days, like really bad days, but it’s just part of the journey and the next day always gets better.

I just want to say thank you to you guys for supporting me and letting this dream live, for reading the blog posts, for liking the instagram posts, for always showing love, I truly appreciate it!

Here’s to a happy 1 Year Anniversary of my Freelance journey, and to many more!

If you babes want more blog posts on my freelance journey, how I’m doing this, or any other learning opportunity blog posts on how to be a blogger, or content creator, please DM me and I will get it all in the works!

Xx Melly The Gypsea

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