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These Products Saved My Skin

These Products Saved My Skin

So, lets get into why I'm writing this.  

Basically a few months ago, my skin broke out the worse it EVER had. I had never been one to care about acne, I mean I always had the occasional breakout but I also didn't eat the healthiest, so I was almost asking for some acne here and there.

I just didn't mind if I had acne on my face every now and then, obviously you don't feel the best when you have breakouts, but I didn't let them keep me from living.

The thing I had an issue with was first of all I woke up one day to a look into the mirror and see me, only it wasn't me. It was me with a layer of unhealthy skin on top, it was me with sadness written allover my face. Every day my skin progressively got worse until I literally hated looking into the mirror because I didn't know why this was happening and I hated it. 

I had SO much unbelievable stress going on at the time, and I know this was a huge source of my breakouts, I just wanted it all to go away.  I was breaking out in parts of my face that I never had before, and when I looked at myself all I saw was acne.  I was also 21 years old, and I don't know, but in my head, I just feel like if this was going to happen, shouldn't it have happened back when I was in high school?

I know everyone is different, our bodies are different, our skin is different, and we all go through changes at different points in our lives, this was just something I hadn't seen coming.  

I know this isn't cystic acne, I know people have to deal with much worse skin problems, but for me, I had never experienced this before, and normally you go through phases like this when you're younger. Not when your 21.

Needless to say, I kinda sheltered myself inside my house. I didn't go out and do much, I was actually embarrassed to go outside and have people see my face.



I had never felt this sense of unhappiness before. I love being outside, I live for getting out and enjoying the day, I love being motivated and getting stuff done. For a while there though, all I did was lay in bed and stare at my iPad and phone. I feel like I didn't get anything done. For 2 months, I have no idea how I had any income, I have no idea how I made money, because I feel like I was a zombie. I accomplished little to nothing in my opinion. I know my capabilities, I know what I can do if I try, and I wasn't trying to the slightest, I was doing the bare minimum to scrape by.

I hated feeling so alone, and when my boyfriend would go to work I hated it even more. I knew I needed support, and I knew I needed to stop feeling so shitty; So, I just started talking to you guys on Instagram. I began voicing my problems, I shared with you, we all talking and confided in each other, and I appreciate all of you who spent time talking to me so much. I really needed the love you all shared with me.

There was a point where my boyfriend was honestly like "Babe, why would you post those on your story?" - in regards to the screenshots above, (mind you, he thinks I'm beautiful regardless of breakouts and he told me that everyday during this time, he just thought it was strange that I'd posted something sort of "unflattering", but I don't care about unflattering... I care about REAL.) and I told him "I don't care anymore." I literally didn't care, if I could open up and share what I'm dealing with and help you guys where we can all lift each other up, I'd much rather do that and share my fucked up skin that lead you all to believe that I'm another quote on quote perfect Instagram girl.

I know it might not seem like things were as sad for me, from Instagram, as things really were; and honestly this just goes to show that literally, you know NOTHING about someone and the things they're dealing with just from following them on a social media platform. 

Anyways, that was just the back story on what this blog post is all about. I just felt like it was a necessary to share. I feel like I have so much more I'd like to say about many of the topics I've gone over in this blog post already, but we can save that for another time.  

So through the midst of all of this I was still modeling (the most insecure I've ever felt at shoots by the way), I was still sort of on Instagram, I was still receiving PR packages and what not from companies, I was still doing some emails and responding to what I felt like was worth me needing to get out of the house to shoot.

That's when I got an email from Tula, a probiotic skincare line. They asked to send me some samples and said I could feel free to share if I liked the products.

Now, I am not one to really change my skin care up often, I don't like going through changes with my skin, I don't want to bring on breakouts, so when I find something that works, I stick to it!

With this though, I thought, "why not, I'm having a really rough time with my skin, I'll just try it out, why not?!"

So I got the package from them with samples of a few of their products, and to be honest I opened the box to check them out, but was skeptical to use cause I didn't want to make my skin worse with an unfamiliar product. I honestly may have gone a month with the box of samples sitting in my room before I actually tried my Tula samples.

One day, I was washing my face when I realized I had run out of my moisturizer, that's when I remembered I had the Tula moisturizer sample in the box! I whipped that baby out, used it, and that was the best decision I had ever made.  

I have one thing I want to say real quick, Tula is NOT paying me for this blog post. I could have easily sent them my rates when I asked permission to write it; but no. I honestly just really wanted to share my story with you guys, I didn't want to be paid to do this, this is from my heart. I really just wanted to share this info with you guys as well as teach you a bit about this amazing brand!

About Tula

Tula Skincare is the skincare that helped truly transform my skin. Their products are made with natural probiotics (amazing) and different kinds of clean, skin superfoods! All of Tula's products are 100% free from Phthalates, Parabens, Toxins, Carcinogens, Mineral Oil, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, and harmful preservatives, all the icky stuff that no one should be putting on their face. 

This company is giving so many people the power to feel happy and confident in there skin again and you can read so many other amazing transformation stories HERE.

My Fave Products


Aqua Infusion Oil-Free Gel Cream:

So the Aqua Infusion Oil-Free Gel Cream was the product I had first used by Tula. When I ran out of the sample I really started seeing the changes it was allowing for my skin. I kinda freaked out at the idea of not having it because I wanted to really see what it could do for me I used it regularly, every day. So I reached out to Tula again letting them know how much I had loved the product, telling them that if I could get more of the products, I'd love the do a feature on my skin transformation. Here we are today, my skins feeling amazing, my acne has gone away so much I can't even believe that the photos above were actually me.




Exfoliating Treatment Mask

So the second sample I had ever used from the range Tula sent me was the Exfoliating Treatment Mask. I'm OBSESSED with face mask and I'm sure many of you already know that.  I love relaxing after a shoot with a nice face mask, I love watching Netflix with a face mask on, I love working with a face mask on.

Especially after a shoot, once I take off makeup, I HATE wearing makeup btw, (my skin hates it too!) but I always throw on a face mask to give my skin the love it needs after all the gross ness that lid on top if it for a few hours!  Anyways, this is a clay mask that you let dry onto your skin, once dry you wash you face off with water and scrub your skin with the beads in the face mask... its AMAZING. I do this literally atleast 4  times a week.


Purifying Face Cleanser

I had had a S T R U G G L E with finding the "right" face wash for so long, I actually found a pretty good one a while ago that I've been using ever since, its by Alba Botanica and its the Alba Botanica Face Scrub, I genuinely love this face scrub, and use it to this day.  I love "scrubbing" my face clean after a day in the sun, and sweating; BUT come to find out (from a various professional makeup artists I've worked with recently) that my skin is INCREDIBLY dry, and it is most likely from my face scrub. "beaded" face washes can actually really dry out your skin which can lead to more breakouts, SO I've been using my Tula Purifying Face Cleanser as my main face wash, and my Face scrub only every-so-often at night time! I hate feeling "oily" and thats why I've always opted for a beaded face wash, is because I feel like it truly gets the "oily" feeling gone. Little did I know, the reason that my skin always feels so aggressively oily and greasy is because it's DRY, and when your skin is super dry, it over compensates the oil production, making your face oilier, making it feel even more oily! AH!


Kefir Ultimate Recovery Mask

This product is my other favorite, and it will be the last product I discuss in this blog post, but I seriously love it so much.

It is yet again...you guess it.

A face mask.  The Kefir Ultimate Recovery Mask.

This face mask is more of a cream consistency, it's super light weight, and feels SO moisturizing. I LOVE throwing this mask on after a long day at the beach, or after a flight. I feel like its so moisturizng and they don't call it a "Recovery Mask" for no reason. It seriously is perfect for any post travels, after a long beach day, or just because you feel like giving your skin some extra love. 

Something to take into consideration when it comes to skin care, eating healthy and drinking water is everything. Your skin is a direct reflection of what you put in your body, so if you fuel your body right, your skin will be happy. Another thing to consider, is that everyones skin is SO different. It takes time to figure out whats right for you, and what isn't.

 I do 100% believe that Tula played a huge role in my skin healing, I mean I noticed insane changes in my skin not long at all after I started using Tula. I'm so thankful to Tula for allowing me the opportunity to try their products, because of it, my skin is feeling so great again. My skin is seriously doing so much better and feels so healthy. I've been feeling so glowy lately and LOVE it!

Well, if you babes stuck around to the end, THANK YOU! I seriously appreciate you so much for reading this. I feel like this can sort of be a touchy subject, just because everyones different, and everyone experiences things differently. All in all, I just really wanted to tell my story, share my experience, get my point across, and share an amazing company with you all.

I really want you babes to experience this brand, so I got a discount code for you house so you can try it out!

Use code " GYPSEA " for 20% off on Tula.com. This code is valid for the 3 Starter Kits!

Thanks for reading,

XX Melly The Gypsea || TLBB 

All photos by Me! @_gypseaa

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