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Lsea Swimwear

Lsea Swimwear

A company that I always wanted to work with, one that I've always been inspired by. Lsea Swimwear, when I got contacted by them I was so ecstatic, another goal that I had reached and time to check it off go my 'dreams list.' 

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Something to ALWAYS remember: makes goals, think about them, dream about them, stay positive about them, and the universe and your hard work will guide your dreams right to you to become your reality.

A little bit about the company, Lsea Swimwear is completely made in the USA, the fabrics are designed here and the suits are handmade here, no sweatshops involved, can I get an AMEN? uh yeah!

It gets better, this company and the people behind it have huge hearts. While on a trip to the Dominican Republic, the owner, Bethany and her husband found themselves falling for the communities of the Dominican Republic. They felt as if they had found their passion in life ~ and it was to help these communities. This company has set out to make a difference, Bethany has said, "As Lsea grows, so will the amount  of giving." ( I LOVE IT!) 

With each purchase of your Lsea bikini, a portion is donated to educate, nourish, and provide Dominican children with a promising future. Bethany's goal is to allow the Dominican children to grow up with the same opportunities as she did. 

I love so much, what this company stands for and the heart behind it, needless to say, besides the adorable, flattering styles and the amazing prints and patterns, this company is killing it!

The Photoshoot

So of course a photoshoot is due when I receive product from a company and I was oh-so excited about the shoot I specifically pulled pieces for Lsea Swimwear and featured Pura Vida Bracelets, (another amazing company supporting an amazing cause.) 

I knew that this shoot had to have the perfect colorful, tropical, and summer time vibes, so I contacted one of my favorite photograpers and friends Tracy! She is always "Finding Paradise in Everything" and captures the most amazing images of all things tropical and beachy. You can check out more of her work HERE.

So Tracy and I met up in her home town, and my FAVORITE place to shoot, Laguna Beach and started capturing images to one of my favorite shoots to date!

The two suits Im wearing from this shoot are the Kolby top and the Lua Bottoms in Bonaire X White and the Kolby Top and the Lua Bottoms in Bungalow X White. I love the light pink and white color combos as well as my favorite monstera leaf printed kind! You can also find Lsea's pink shell float on their website as well! Isn't it the cutest?!

I had such a great time planning for this shoot, and creating these images and I am so excited to be able to share everything with you!

"When Tropical Minds Collide" feat. Posh Pua

"When Tropical Minds Collide" feat. Posh Pua