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"When Tropical Minds Collide" feat. Posh Pua

"When Tropical Minds Collide" feat. Posh Pua

A few weeks ago I got together with my friend Tracy (@tracytassill if you aren't following her, you need to be.) who also happens to be my absolute favorite photographer due to the fact that we share a very similar vision when it comes to shooting and photography. We actually became friends after meeting at a photoshoot a few years ago and I enjoy every time that we are able too get together!

I got the amazing opportunity to work with Posh Pua, a brand that I set a goal to work with a year or so ago!

I was so inspired by their original take on their swimwear. The Swimwear industry is so easily copied from one brand to the next and I loved how Posh Pua stood out and set standards. I've seen smaller brands to cheap copy cat eBay brands try to copy and sell bikinis that they thought looked like Posh Pua but clearly NEVER came close to the real thing. I was contacted by these companies who wanted to collaborate with me and I always turned them down because I set my goals for Posh Pua and wanted to respect the brand that I looked up to!

I'm so glad I stuck with my feelings as I am a true believer in quality and when I was finally contacted by Posh Pua it made the wait and the declining all worth it!

The three bikinis I received all fit to perfection and I can't seem to ever take the tops off (I literally wear them in replacement of a bralette.) The quality of the fabric and crochet work is literal perfection as is the attention to detail on every part of every bikini.

Posh Pua is a brand that I recommend for its quality in every way. I hope you guys love this photo set as much as I do and I'm sure by the end of it you'll be obsessed with Posh Pua too!

Find these looks and many more at Poshpua.com 
Kainalu crochet top and bottom in Grapefruit - very minimal coverage but perfect for tanning. I wore a size small in top and bottom & they have this suit in SO MANY amazing colors!

Kainalu top and Pili bottom in Lagoon/Sand - The top style is still my favorite go top in the Kainalu style but these bottoms are a little different and I'm so in love. They have a double strap feature that adds something a little bit sexy to this sporty style. I wore this bikini for a week straight, every single day at the beach, in and out of the ocean. I must say, it fits perfect and stays on with no worries ~ for the adventurous rock climbing ocean swimming beach babes like me!

Lastly, I selected a one piece to kinda switch up the looks for the shoot! I love one pieces, although I don't wear them to the beach much for long beach days (for tanning purposes) but i love how they fit and accentuate the body. This one piece in particular it SO comfortable and the back details are to die for. I have the Napili One Piece, its seamless design, and back crochet detailing make it a perfect one piece. They are sold-out in this look specifically, but I will link a few other adorable and similar looks to this one piece! 
Napili One Piece Stripe 
Napili One Piece - Coco
Napili One Piece - Herbal

Honestly, ALL of the suits are so amazing so I really recommend checking the site out! There are many other bikini set and one piece designs to see!

I wanted to thank you babes for always supporting me and stopping by to read this blog post, so I partnered with Posh Pua to offer you babes 30% off with Discount code ' ALOHAGYPSEA ' this code will be good till October 1st! Happy shopping babes!

Photos by @tracytassill 

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