Social Media Management

Struggling with your Instagram? Don’t have enough time to get in necessary posts? Or maybe you just don’t understand social media? Well, lucky for you, I do!

Being an influencer myself and growing my own Instagram platform with a beautiful feed, and pretty good looking numbers, I began getting contacted left and right by companies asking me to run their Instagram accounts, even though I had no experience and wasn’t advertising that work!

Through the last year of 2018 I worked part time as a social media manager for a few different companies. I have learned SO much from it and I’m sharing my wealth of information to all of my amazing clients.

I tailor all of my management plans uniquely to each company I work with as there is NO cut and paste way to make every account work and actually grow. I put in all that needs to be done to bring your Instagram account to life and organically grow your account with REAL FOLLOWERS and GENUINE ENGAGEMENT. No bots - No back end follow, unfollow apps, only using the necessary steps to building a strong and real following!

If you’re interested or maybe want more information on having me help you and your business, please email me at!

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Social Media Coaching

Want the help of a social media manager, but would rather learn the in-and-outs of Instagram yourself?

I offer, private, on-hand coaching and training to people with companies just like you!

I personally customize the social strategy and plan to your specific and unique business as well as work with you on-hand with any necessary advice available too you whenever needed!

I offer contracted monthly sessions where I will work with you side by side and teach you anything that I feel will benefit your Instagram and business as well as work with you on any questions you might have!

I will do a weekly reach-out to touch base, answer any questions, give advice, plan your instagram feed, and the you how to do so!

For rates and other information feel free to reach out at with any of your questions!

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Content Creation + Freelance Model

Content Creation

I create original, on-brand, quality content for all kinds of brands. I bring on one-time (that usually turn into repeat clients) content creation - as well as Monthly Contract Based Content Creation!

If you’re on the look-out for a tropical content creator please email me at!

Look forward to working with you!


Freelance Model

Looking for a model to hire for an on-location shoot, or an in-studio shoot? I have experience in both and I’d love to hear from you!

Please Contact for rates, etc!