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Stuck In A Rut? Here's How To Get Out Of It!

Stuck In A Rut? Here's How To Get Out Of It!

Hello my Tan Lines Bikini Babes! Melly here..!

It's Monday, it's gloomy outside & this weather is ruining my plans for content creation... so here's to a photo editing, drawing, blogging, & inside coffee drinking day!

I wanted to touch base on a topic that I deal with a lot... especially lately! That of which is.. getting stuck in a rut, feeling unmotivated, and not knowing what to do with yourself, this doesn't have to be a recurring day after day feeling for it to completely suck either. I can get stuck in a rut for just one day and it eats me alive, I hate it! So if any of you go through something similar I just wanted to put this out there for you guys.. just a few things to keep in mind & ways to get out of being unmotivated! So grab some coffee and a note book and take notes babes, you may want to look back on these tips!

Suggestion #1 //
One of the best ways to restart a not so good day is by getting outside! Go for a walk, enjoy the fresh air, even if it's just for 15 minutes, I promise you, It'll give you the extra little boost you needed!

Suggestion #2 //
Another great way to get you in a stronger mindset it by eating something healthy! Putting good fuel into your body will get your overall being feeling better! Physically you'll have natural energy & mentally you'll feel better! What you put into your body is one of the BIGGEST culprits to how your going to feel later on!

Suggestions #3 //
Designate a comfy work place! Even if its just your couch, (like I often do) get a blanket, gather your books, laptop, phone, ect. & pour yourself a cup of coffee! For me, working comfortably is the way to go, I feel as though I'm less distracted & more in my element. 

Suggestion #4 // 
Buy new notebooks or a planner for organization and note taking. Not every time, but every so often when I'm not feeling to motivated & if my notebooks are starting to get too full & my planner is old and dingy I'll pick up some new ones! A fresh new notebook or planner in my eyes is a blank slate, open for new ideas and creativity! 

Suggestion #5 //
Actually USE your planner and notebooks! The best way to stay on track is by jotting down ideas as soon as you have them, make to do lists, as soon as you have an appointment or meeting made, you need to right it down in your planner. It's so important to stay on top of what you are doing, it'll really keep your motivation flowing & you'll be an unstoppable force. 

Suggestion #6 //
Share with others what you're doing! There is no better feeling than sharing your dreams and what your working on with like mined people! Having outside advice and ideas from friends is the best, and the amount of support from others will push you even harder to keep doing what you're doing!

So to sum it up for you, I've made a shortened list of what-to-dos in the event of being unmotivated and needing to get shit done. :

1. Get outside, go for a walk ~ it'll restart the day
2. Eat something healthy ~ it'll get you in the right mindset
3. Designate a comfy workplace ~ so you can begin getting shit done
4. Pick up some new notebooks/planners ~ they're the best things ever.
5. Take notes, make to do lists, Plan your week out ~ this gets you motivated and keeps you motivated.
6. Form a supportive group of babes who inspire/motivate you! ~ Every girl needs a boss babe tribe behind her, we all gotta support one another!

I hope these tips will help you babes out! I'd love to hear from you at any time if you need any advice or have any questions!


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