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Why I Love Mondays

Why I Love Mondays

Everyone seems to have this negative outlook on Mondays & I. DON'T. GET. IT.

Why would you want to start your week already looking forward to the end of it? Why hate on a day that you can treat like a fresh start and feel good about? 

It's all in your mind set and the way you see things! You will allow things to either be drab and annoying for yourself or turn them into something exciting and something you can look forward to!

I see Monday as a fresh start, a chance to set a new tone for the rest of the week and a day to dedicate to setting goals and accomplishing them.

I love the feeling of waking up, pouring my coffee, throwing my hair up in a bun & getting sh** done. 

I just wanted to share this short and sweet little blog post as a reminder to you guys to set your goals, create dreams, and start working towards them! Today is your day & you can start working towards your dreams from now on and forever!

It's never too late to begin, whether you're reading this late in the afternoon Monday or even if it's Tuesday, 

I challenge you:

Get a notebook/Planner ... USE IT!
Start to do lists, they can be easy day-to-day tasks or anything you need to get done!
Create Goals! Set goals for more every day life as well as long term ones!
plan out your week. Either use a planner or create a planner type sheet on a piece of paper & write down everything in your schedule that you need to accomplish. It can be a shift at work, an  appointment, meeting with friends, anything!

Writing tasks down and getting them done is so rewarding and being able to see what you're accomplishing is really exciting! I highly recommend you guys start your week off with even the simplest of planning and note taking, I swear by it! 

I hope you all have an amazing Monday and an even more accomplished week!

XX - Melly//TLBB


My Mantra Bands

My Mantra Bands

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