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"Beautiful Minds Inspire Others"

"Beautiful Minds Inspire Others"

Why having good people in your circle is so necessary.

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Yesterday I spent some time with two of my favorite people, Annalisa (aka @annalisa.veronica my bestie) and Shayla (aka @shaylapenera the sweetest girl ever AND one of my absolute favorite photographers) and it was honestly so refreshing just being out with them and laughing our butts off the whole time.

I truly appreciate all of the people who I spend my time with, I care about them, and I want all of my friends to prosper.  I've always been one to lend a helping hand in any way that I can (something I learned from my mama) and I just love knowing I can help in some way, any way!

"Surround yourself with inspiring beings."

I just feel so inspired after yesterday, being around two of my fave babes, we all have similar goals, we all think a similar way & just being able to discuss different topics, shoot, eat tacos, and laugh non-stop was so special to me. 

I have never been more happy that I am now with the amazing people I have around me. 

Find people who inspire you, make friends with people who have similar passions to you. Set goals together, support each other, and help each other rise.

Friendships shouldn't be competition, even if were chasing a similar goal! We should all rise to the top together and root for each other no matter the outcome.  Society has the majority of us thinking were supposed to be in constant competition with one another, but they've got it all wrong. 

Imagine what would happen if we all supported each other. The stressed out mindsets that we used to carry with us would no longer exist. We could work towards our goals with positivity 100% being our fuel.

Sadly, not everyone is willing to accept support, BUT, find your people who make you feel good and inspire you. Set your goals and chase them side by side. The haters and competitors will watch you rise and wonder what you're doing. They won't get it though, some people are selfish and don't see their life being accompanied by another person, they don't see goals being shared and achieved with someone else. 

WE got a one up, we have support. so lets kick butt together.

XX - Melly // TLBB

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