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Nkd & Solkissed in Tulum

Nkd & Solkissed in Tulum

Im sure many of you know I just recently went on an Influencer trip to Tulum in June with a couple of brands! I have SO many amazing photos that I want and need to share so I really couldn't wait to throw this blog post together for you guys to read and re-cap the entire trip! 

I went on this trip with Solkissed; an La based swimwear brand and Nkd Skn; an amazing tanning company!

Going on a trip like this has always been a goal of mine and I knew that one way or another it was going to happen this year, I could just feel it. I'm so beyond excited to say that it officially has happened and this is an opportunity that I will never forget. I met so many amazing people, saw so many beautiful things and made some awesome memories.

I hope you babes enjoy this blog post as I take you through my experiences in Tulum and talk about these amazing companies.


About the brands...


Nkd Skn Tan

Nkd Skn is an amazing organic and cruelty free tanning company!  They do spray-tans as well as have an AMAZING self tanning collection that you can do right at home! I personally had never been spray tanned before, so my first experience was with them in Tulum! It was honestly great and there's nothing better than a tan ON TOP of a tan to get a nice golden glow!

One of my favorite products by Nkd Skn is definitely the Body Bling! I actually obsess over this stuff and it's the perfect product to throw on before I leave the house, or go to a shoot!



Solkissed Swimwear

Solkissed is an truly the sweetest swimwear  company that you may have heard of on my blog before! I recently featured them in my Summer 2018 Top 10 Kini Companies blog post, so go ahead and check that out for more info on the brand! I'll give you a quick over-view though! So Solkissed is based in LA, but all handmade ethically in Peru! They give local Peruvian women the chance to work from home, making fair wages, so they can work and support their family at the same time! I absolutely adore this concept and think that this is seriously something amazing that is going on!

Solkissed has the perfect blend of sexy and cute swimwear vibes and oh just WAIT till you see the newest Spring & Summer 2018 collections!

Where We Went + What We Did

We visited so many amazing restaurants, cafes, hotels and beaches!

I'll go ahead and share a couple of my favorite places that we visited on our stay!!

For starters, I'll share our villa with you guys! It was absolutely stunning and as much as I wanted to get out and explore, the essence of Tulum was held inside the villa too!

We stayed at one of the Villa Stalara houses and it was a beautiful stay to say the least! There was a gorgeous pool, amazing bedrooms that all had her own balconies and it was perfect air-conditioned which is OH SO NECESSARY in Tulum!

 So this shouldn't be too much of a surprise, but like everyone else on Instagram that visits Tulum, I adored Matcha Mama! There we took a ton of photos in the Solkissed Summer 2019 pieces while sporting our amazing Nkd Skn tans! 

The scenery at Matcha Mama is gorgeous, right off the side of a pretty busy main road, but there was gorgeous scenery EVERYWHERE, the cutest little shacks, amazing tropical plants everywhere, I couldn't help but feel so in my element. Theres something totally special that the tropical humidity and lush greenery do for my soul.  

After Matcha Mama we visited the Ahau Tulum for some images! I had seen this resort on Instagram previous to be being in Tulum and was so blown away by its' beauty; the huts on the beach, the palm tree paved walk ways, the perfect white strip of beach, it was so surreal!

I'll let the photos we got here do the talking...

So  B E A U T I FU L  Right?!

So, on the Ahau Tulum property there is a sweet little cafe called Raw Love

Something I really loved about Tulum is how healthy all of the food I ate was! Everything was SO AMAZING and extremely healthy! I had a ton of vegan and organic entrees! 

So, back to Raw Love, the cafe is tucked in the the Ahua Tulum jungle, its literally in pristine paradise! Gorgeous wooden bungalows and lush greenery surrounding! Here you can find an assortment of smoothies, juices, coffees, and superfood packed food items.

I personally got a juice, and between the humidity and how good it looked, I literally chugged the juice faster than i could think go giving myself the chance to enjoy it, but needless to say it was PERFECT. 

The next day we visited the Sanara where we went to the cutest cafe, The Real Coconut.  This cafe was beach front while at the same time being just perfectly tucked into the palm trees. The Real Coconut is pretty much all things coconut, I got fish tacos, and my tortillas are made from coconut, and our  "chips" for chips and guac were made of coconut, let's just say it was totally my kinda cafe! With some coco water to drink and a coconut latte; I was fueled for the day with my coconut power! 

After The Real Coconut we went to Habitas, to enjoy their private beach lounge area.  I actually was so blown away with this resort.  The pathways, the bungalows, the sand, the smells, the hammocks, EVERYTHING was mind blowingly beautiful and I am majorly reminiscing in this moment as I write this to you.

We spent the rest of the day here shooting, sun bathing, eating, and hanging out in the pool. It was a day I'll never forget and Habitas is a place I would love to one day return to.

Overall, Tulum was an incredible experience and I am so thankful to Solkissed and Nkd Skn for giving me the opportunity to experience it!

I really hope you babes enjoyed reading on a ew of the things we did and places we went. I seriously thank you guys as well for following along because I wouldn't be here without you!

Have a beautiful day, and until the next travel blog post!

XX Melly The Gypsea || TLBB

Photos by : Myself, @christian_mikey & @richellemonaephoto 

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