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Miami Swim Week 2018

Miami Swim Week 2018

Hey my Tan Lines Bikini Babes!

So yes, I am already fully aware of how late and overdue this blog post is, but that's ok, because at least it's here now! I have been SO busy ever since I got back from Miami and other work and blog posts took precedence over this one! Seriously though, I am honestly so excited to share this blog post with you guys, and I can't wait to re-live my experience as I write it!

Some of you may know, I had been DYING to go with Miami Swim Week for like the past 3 years, prior to this year. Miami Swim Week had always been a HUGE goal of mine to attend, and it was supposed to happen last year, but plans fell through. That was fine though, because I knew one way or another, this year was my year to attend it! 

What IS Miami Swim Week?

Views from my hotel

Views from my hotel

 (I'm sure some of you are asking that question.)  

Miami Swim Week is a week or so of trade shows and fashion shows where swimwear brands and resort wear brands and accessory brands come to show of their next couple seasons' collections! 

To put it into perspective, I was there this past swim week, Summer 2018, right? Well the Company, Solkissed, I was working for and modeling for, was showing their Spring and Summer 2019 collections! 

Ok guys, like I LOVED swimwear before this week in Miami, but during swim week and after, I was more passionate than ever. I learned so much and I loved being so involved in the industry! 

From being in the trade show, and listening to the brands talk to their potential buyers, to meeting so many amazing people in the industry, to working as a fit model by day, and playing my blogger role by night; everything was SO me, and I seriously was in my element.

So probably the biggest questions I got asked is;

HOW, do you get to attend Miami Swim Week?

Swim Week is pretty exclusive as a whole, you need to get invited and be on lists to attend any trade shows, run way shows, and events.

I got invited to many events, gifting suits, and runway shows, and because I was being brought by a swimwear company and was working as her model, I was added on the list for the trade show.

Pretty much like a couple of weeks before the shows, my email was being flooded with invited to all of these events, I just RSVPed and done! I was added to the guest list!

What EXACTLY was I doing at swim week?

(Another question I'm pretty sure you're asking yourself.) So, I got hired by Solkissed Swimwear, (a company you should be pretty familiar with by now you follow me on Instagram and or tune into my blog posts,) to be their fit model for the trade show! The other company that hosted my trip to Miami was Nkd Skn Tan, another company you should be pretty familiar with!

Basically, The first couple days, I took in all that Miami had to offer, I went to a brunch hosted by the two companies that I went to Miami with, and went to a few swimwear runway shows! The last few days, I spent working at the 1Hotel, for the Hammock Trade show, and later in the day, I'd go to runways shows and cover them via Instagram stories!

Let me break a few things down for you.

What is the trade show for?

There are a few different trade shows at Miami Swim Week. The one that I was working at was Hammock which is held at One Hotel South Beach. Basically, established and new brands pay to be apart of this show where they can potentially meet with buyers from all over the world to have their pieces carried in these buyers online and/or physical, stores!  Media (like magazines, websites, ect.)  usually show up to the trade shows which allow for really nice exposure to the brands!

The trade show is held in a large room (usually the hotels ballroom) where TONS of different brands' booths are set up for the buyers to view the new collections! My job at this show was working as a "fit" model. Basically I stood in a bikini all day (nothing new) and waited for buyers to come through, and if the buyers wanted to see a a particular suit on, I'd go put it on for them! I was seen by familiar faces alllllll day, for 3 days straight, running back and forth between the changing room and my booth, trying on different suits for many different buyers. It was a fun experience and I'm interested if I'll work as a fit model next year, or not!

Now, onto the MUCH more exciting part of Swim Week; the runways shows. 

Photo Courtesy of HAMMOCK

Photo Courtesy of HAMMOCK

What IS, the runway show? Why are they put on?

Pretty much all swimwear brands attending Miami Swim Week participate in the trade shows, but some brands do both the trade show AND put on a runway show! This can be QUITE and expense for brands, especially ones who put on both, so usually the brands doing both kinds of shows are larger and more established brands. 

The runway shows are similar to the trade shows in that they are showing the soon-to-come new collections, BUT, they're SO much more fun.

Everyone sits, or stands in rows going horizontal down the runway, loud music fills your ears, then mega babes in amazing bikinis strut down the runway. Experiencing these runways shows was a serious dream come true.  I saw so many of my favorite models, walking right in front of me, that I had only ever seen on my phone screen before. These girls are powerful, and strong, watching them was so inspiring, and who knows, maybe one day, I'll walk down the runways too!

One thing I want to point out really quick, was I LOVED the diversity of the looks of the runway models. All different body types, "tall," "short," "curvy," "skinny," and "athletic," builds. Seeing all the babes who were so different from the next killing it down the runway by each other was one of my favorite parts of these shows!

@Petersunswim asked; Were you super busy, or was it more of a relaxing vibe? P.s. You should be so proud!

First of all, I seriously am so proud, and thankful, and happy for the opportunity I had at swim week, like I said it was a dream come true! Thank you! About my schedule, I. WAS. NONSTOP. First of all, I was super jet lagged the whole time, there was a three hour time difference that I never got used to. That being said, I was already tired all the time, and the first two days were spent helping prep for a brunch that I was attending, but ended up helping out set it up! I think the second day there I had an hour to sit poolside before having to go back to the hotel room to get ready for the brunch, then after the brunch we went to the hotel to get ready for the Monday Swimwear Show.  The the next three days were also so so so nonstop. The first day I worked at the trade show, I WOKE UP WHEN I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE STANDING IN THE BOOTH. I know, nightmare.  I'm usually always like 30 mins early to E V ER Y T H I N G so lets just say the anxiety was high.  Immediately after I worked 8 hours my first day at the trade show I ran to my hotel to get ready for the ACACIA show. The next day was the same, wake up at 7 get ready, be at trade show by 8:45, work trade show for 8 hours, go home, get ready, go to Kya Swim Runway show. My last day I did the usual wake up and go to work the trade show, but this time I packed all of my luggage and brought it with me to the show, because right after I got off from working the show, I went straight to the airport.

It was a crazy, beautiful experience, and I have never done anything like it before; I almost sorta miss the rush of it all! 


Due to working at the trade show, I missed out on seeing a few runway shows that I was invited to and would have loved to see, but none the less, I still attended a few AMAZING shows.

The first show I saw was the Monday Swimwear Show, which was where I also met a huge inspiration to me, freaking @goldfish_kiss!!!! I totally fangirled and introduced myself, telling her how much of an impact her work has had on me over the years! The Monday show was amazing and everything i had expected it to be, and the new collection is KILLER. 


The Next day, I attended the amazing Acacia Swimwear show where I got to hang out with ALL of my favorite babes! @katgaskin @summerofdiane @paulinaperucci and @jyo_shankar. This show in particular was one that I would NOT miss for anything. I've never actually owned an Acacia bikinis, but this is a company I've followed from the very beginning and am so inspired by!

Untitled design.png

The 3rd and last show I was able to attend was the Kya Swim Show. This brand was formerly known as "Koa Swim" but rebranded this year and changed their name! Their show was more of a performance and super entertaining to watch! 

Untitled design-2.png

As a whole, Swim Week may not had turned out the exact way I had expected, due to missing out on some events and shows, but I also didn't know exactly what to expect from it either. I'm seriously so thankful I got to experience it this year and I am SO ready to kick butt there next year. My goals are set, and Miami Swim Week 2019 is gonna be a good one! I feel like I learned so much from swim week this year, and that is so valuable to me.

Anyways, this has been such a fun blog post to write and I hope I answered some of your questions! If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below or DM on Instagram! 

Thanks for stopping by and until next time my TLBB Babes! 

XX Melly The Gypsea



Nkd & Solkissed in Tulum

Nkd & Solkissed in Tulum